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I can’t believe I’m asking this, but do you want a Forum?

By Leslie Samuel

Ok, so I'm here trying to think of ways to add value to the 7 Day Bootcamp that launches tomorrow, and I have a question for you. First let me give you some info. The training videos will be on pages where you will be able to comment and ask questions directly related to the content of the video. However, I'm wondering if having a forum would add value to the mix.

I need to get your opinions on this. I can't believe I'm even asking a question like this, but would you guys want to have a forum that is specifically dedicated to Internet Marketing topics like setting up your website/blog, driving traffic, making money online, building a list, etc? I've been wondering about it. In some ways, I think it could add a lot of value, in other ways I'm not sure.

If I do it, it would be a forum located here at I would start it with a few subforums, with the main one right now being the subforum for discussing the content from the 7 Day Bootcamp. You could discuss the steps you are taking, issues you are having, and anything else related to what you are learning.

Also, when I release future training programs (which will be happening soon), there would be designated areas for discussing those.

Sooo . . . .

What do you think? Should I add a forum or not? Why, or why not? Would you get value from it? Would you use it regularly? Would it be a waste of my time?


  • yes, i feel it would be totally helpful!!! 🙂 i plan on getting my website and domain asap, which is october, so i would feel comfortable with having extra help or assistance to post questions and see how others are feeling

    • Thanks for your input Nykodre. Getting a website and a domain is a great way to start. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ll definitely be covering how to do that and set it up the right way.

      Glad to see you think the forum is a good idea. I’m going to wait for some more feedback and then make a final decision.

  • I think this would be very helpful It will be very comfortable having the extra help I plan in a few months from now to have my website up and running and getting my domain name soon .

  • I think it would be a great idea to have a forum , I think it would be another great resource for everybody who wants to learn how to make money on the internet. Plus I think when you get to interact with like minded people , it just makes it makes it alot more interesting and exciting to be involved with this industry .

    • Very good point Mkepz. Most (if not all) of the successful people I’ve met tend to congregate with other like-minded individuals. There’s something about being together on one accord that has a way of reinforcing what you are all trying to accomplish. Thanks for your input.

  • Absolutely Leslie–and definitely not a waste of time! Great idea, for all of the reasons many have already mentioned…Go for it!!! 🙂 Terry

  • Another great idea! I’m all for it! You know the saying “two heads are better than one”, many heads would be even better, as long as it remains a learning center so to speak.

  • I think a forum would be really helpful and an invaluable resource for those enrolled to discuss and share knowledge. I’m new to internet business, and being a student, I don’t have the resources (money) to enroll on good paid courses (they’re really expensive).

    Thank you for thinking and willing to create this course, sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I really look forward to it.

    • You are very much welcome Melia, and thank you for your input. I definitely understand how it is being a broke student. When I was a student, I spent a summer in Germany with not enough money to eat food, lol. That was in 2005. Needless to say, I lost a lot of weight 😉

      I’ve seen students come up with great online businesses. Just have to follow a proven system and do so consistently. The course launches tomorrow. Hope you find value in it 🙂

  • Les, being greener than green in this new internet world, I would greatly appreciate any extra help you’re willing to give. Thank you for being so generous. A forum would be a fantastic help to people like me who have so many questions.

  • I think the forum would help generate a buzz and really motivate people in to helping each other. Sharing ideas between us and helping everyone involved grow as a unit is what it;s all about. Great idea!

  • Sure Leslie….Good idea. I’ve finally picked up the (your) ball again. I became pretty discouraged after the FreeLunchRoom went to h*ll over a year ago. Going into the hospital didn’t help either. Not sure why, but you’re the only one I’ve felt to be trustworthy in my search for an Internet business. A forum sounds super.

    • Wow Gary, Thanks for the kind words. Makes me feel like everything I’m doing is worth it. Glad to know that you appreciate what I’m doing, and I hope to continue delivering in a way that you will continue to feel that way.

      Glad to hear you are out of the hospital and I hope you continue to get better on that end. All the best bro!

  • Hi Leslie,

    I’ve already left a (thumbs up) comment. But have slight problem. I’m not able to log in yet I know I’ve signed up and you obviously have my e-mail address. Additionally, my e-mail address is not recognized when I ask for (new) forgotten password. Weird…..Can you help? Thx…Gary

  • Absolutely Leslie! A forum is just what we need to share thoughts and questions. Looking forward to this training.

  • Yes, I think it would help some people and be a way to share comments and ideas on the training modules. Looking forward to the training.

    • Yes Larry, I agree. There will be a section for comments in the modules, but having one central location where people could share ideas, get feedback and ask questions can definitely benefit everyone.

  • Forums are always places I look when I have questions about any research I’m doing. There are way more people with way better information who are willing to help. It’s a great resource.I think it would benefit your program immensely.

  • Well for my part, it is an excellent idea. I have been involved with similar forums and have found them very helpful. Keeping up with each other and watching each other grow is a terrific way to learn. I think inter action is one of the best teachers. I also found that folks help each other with questions, suggestions, and a kudo now and them. I have sites and domains, but am a loooong ways from the success I would like to be. Nuff from me, Jim

    • Thanks for your input Jim. Also glad to know that you don’t think your level of success is where you want to be. That means that you have high hopes, and that’s always good. I’m nowhere close to where I want to be, nor do I think I will ever reach that point, lol. Keep on keeping on!

  • Hey Leslie:

    I think a forum is a great idea! Not only do you have a place to meet like minded people, you have various levels of skills and the peer interaction would allow us to help each other.
    As I am sure you will agree: many wonderful things happen when we build relationships. I do agree with you, it should just start out to encompass the Boot Camp
    students and move forward from there. This is just my thoughts.
    Once again, thanks for working so hard to help us.

  • I really think this is an awesome idea. It would give us all a place to go with questions and ideas to bounce off of our peers. It would also be a good place for those of us who arent as computer savvy as others to get the help we need, when needed. Hope you decide to launch the forum. Thanks again for everything.

  • A forum would be good if we could all interact with each other to get questions answered on things we don’t know about and enhance each others progress towards success. Let’s face it, regardless of what level your at we all get stuck now and then and need a little help.

  • I see you have the forums up in the menu bar but how do I sign up for them. All I see is a log in section but no signup.

    • Yes I do have the link there but I’m not ready to announce it as yet. That’s why you can’t register. I actually intended to hide the link an forgot. Now I’m on the road heading out of town. So I guess this means you got a sneak preview 😉

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