Episode: 288

Today’s episode is a deviation from what I’ve been doing for the last few months.

There’s no interview, and it’s not all about blogging, business, social media or any of the usual topics.

While I do talk about business, I get into something much deeper – fear, and how it has held me back for too long.

I share some struggles that I’ve been dealing with since starting my business. These are struggles that have only intensified over time.

And the truth is this – I’ve allowed fear to cripple my progress.

This is one episode where the show notes won’t be as detailed as I normally have them. Why? Because in order to fully grasp what I’m trying to share, you have to listen to it.

So go ahead and listen, and then leave me a comment.

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Warning: This episode is different from my other episodes. While I do talk about business, I also go into the spiritual realm.

I talk about God, Christianity, my purpose, etc. If you don’t want to hear any of that, this may not be the episode for you.

Question: If fear were not a part of your life, what would you do differently?

About the Author Leslie Samuel

Leslie Samuel a business coach for high-performing entrepreneurs. As the host of the Leslie Samuel Show, he teaches how to build an online business. "Changing the world one post at a time” is the mission he strives towards. As a former university professor, he has a passion for education. He's the founder of Interactive Biology, a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to making biology fun for students and teachers. As the head of training for the Social Media Marketing Society, he helps social media marketers get the training they need to stay on the leading edge of social media.

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