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230 How to Run a Business with Your Significant Other – with Kate Erickson

By Leslie Samuel

Who: Kate Erickson

Would you ever consider running an online business with a partner?

Would you ever consider doing it where your business partner is your significant other?

In today’s episode, Kate Erickson talks about how to run a business with your significant other.

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How to Run a Business with Your Significant Other

Kate Erickson is the content creator and community leader at Entrepreneur On Fire and the host of Kate’s take, an audio blog where she shares actionable advice for entrepreneurs who are looking to just start and take action today.

She left her nine to five at an advertising and marketing company to partner with her other half, John Lee Dumas to build something bigger.

She wanted to do something where she could feel as if she could do what she loves and feel fulfilled at the end of the day and like she’s actually helped someone.

This led to her business partnership with her significant other, John Lee Dumas.

Together, they run an extremely profitable business that inspires entrepreneurs all over the world to do big things.

I was having an unrelated conversation with her a few weeks ago and somehow we got on the topic of working with your significant other.

Kate’s story impressed me so much that I just had to have her on to share it because whether or not you’re working with your life’s partner, there’s so much we can all learn about running successful business partnerships.

Kate shares:

  • How she made the entrepreneurial leap from not getting her “dream job” of becoming a college professor to starting her first business.
  • How her first entrepreneurial venture never became successful.
  • Her decision to go back to working a job.
  • How she finally decided to leave her job to work with John.
  • Decisions they had to make so that the relationships (business and personal) would work.
  • The importance of setting boundaries.
  • The challenges they encountered on the journey.
  • The importance of separating business roles.
  • How to work as an effective team.
  • Their plans for the future.
  • MUCH more

There is so much value in this episode that whether you are thinking about working with your life’s partner or simply collaborating with someone on a business venture, you’re going to love it.

So go ahead and have a listen and then leave your thoughts in the comments area below.


How to Run a Business with Your Significant Other


Some people just love being able to read along with interviews, or they might just prefer to skip the audio completely and just read through the transcript. Hey, if that’s what floats your boat, it is all good. Here’s the transcript just for you. 🙂

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  1. Hi Leslie,

    Up until now I have enjoyed All you shows, but sad to say this one really bummed me out.
    I have often imagined of having my lovely wife as part of my dream, but
    unlike Kate and John, my spouse is very unsupportive of any of my efforts to have my own business.
    So listening to Kate made me very happy for her and John, (and honestly somewhat jealous), but very sad for all those of us out there like me. And I know they are out there!
    I feel trapped in that I think my wife believes I cannot succeed on my own and need to stick with working for someone else that will pay me every two weeks just to barely get by. (Even that is not sure – but many have fallen for that lie.)
    Not sure what to do about that – but did want to express myself. Maybe you could interview someone who has a Significant other that is against their efforts as well that found a way to make it.
    It took a while for me to write this but here it is.
    I still love you brother – just didn’t like this show.

    1. Ah man,

      I’m sorry to hear that Robert. I can imagine how challenging that would be. I like your idea for an interview. I’ll be on the lookout for someone who fits that criteria. As soon as I find them, I’ll bring them on (and I’ll use this comment as a springboard for that discussion).

      Keep your head up brother.

  2. Thanks Leslie.

    Any prayers you want to send this way and up will be greatly appreciated.


  3. I think this is a very important post to read for couples that want to work together. As you live together 24/7 it is important to sit down and create a structure into specific roles to ensure that disagreements are kept to a minimum and don’t affect your personal life

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