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222 How to Make Money Selling Low-Priced Products – with Kim Sorgius

By Leslie Samuel

Who: Kim Sorgius
Website: Not Consumed

Do you find it intimidating trying to create huge information products?

In this interview, Kim Sorgius from the Not Consumed blog shares how she makes a living selling many low-priced products.

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Inside This Interview


One of the best ways to make money with your blog is by selling information products.

Why? Because they are digital, which means that whether you sell one product or a hundred on any given day, handling the transaction doesn't take any extra work from you.

As a result, many bloggers (myself included) create these products and sell them as one of their main strategies for making money.

Most people who teach monetization strategies for bloggers will tell you that if you can sell higher-priced products to your audience, you will make more money.

It makes sense.

But what if you were to take that model and flip it on its head? What if you were so passionate about helping your audience that you wanted to price your products significantly lower than the “gurus” recommend?

That's exactly what Kim does, and she's doing VERY well.

Where Kim is Today

Her blog generally gets about 350 to 400K page views per month, with over 40K email subscribers and her most recent launch generated over 16,000 in sales for an $8 product that has the upgrade option for a $14 combo pack. Her gross revenue during that month was $21,000.

Not Consumed Blog
Kim's Blog: Not Consumed

Where Kim Started

Kim started her blog in January of 2012, but not as a way to make money. She wasn't even on Facebook at the time and didn't have much computer experience.

It was essentially an online diary where she journaled her thoughts about life in general. She didn't have any clue about what she was doing or what she was supposed to be doing with this blog.

How she got traffic

Not Consumed Pinterest
Kim's Pinterest Page

Kim was very much into Pinterest and had a bright idea one day.

She thought about pinning a post to see what would happen. That's exactly what she did and nothing happened (for a few weeks).

One day, while at a conference, she noticed that she was getting a ton of email notifications about comments being left on her blog.

When she went to check what was going on she realized that she got 10,000 views on that day alone, which was more than she had gotten since starting her blog.

So Kim did what any smart entrepreneur would do – She studied what worked and then refined her strategy for driving traffic from Pinterest.

Inside this interview, Kim shares her exact strategy.

Nurturing her email list

Nurturing Email List

One of the fascinating strategies that Kim uses is how she nurtures her email list. Yes, she uses autoresponders. But she does it in such a personal way that really allows her to engage with her subscribers.

Her strategy not only surprises her subscribers, but also allows them to feel connected with her in a deeper way than any other strategy I've seen before.

Listen to the episode to hear how you can take your subscriber engagement to the next level.

Selling Products

If you check out her store, you will see that Kim offers a variety of low-priced products. In the episode, Kim walks us through the entire process she uses to create these products.

It starts with jotting down ideas in Evernote, expanding relevant ideas into an outline, and then getting the products created.

The products are essentially workbooks that children can use to study different topics using the Bible.

If any of the information above sounds interesting to you, go ahead and listen to this episode. I can assure you that you'll get a lot of value from it.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Tailwaind App – an app that Kim uses for Pinterest Marketing, scheduling pins, monitoring Pinterest activities, and analyzing Pinterest data.
  • Evernote – a service that Kim uses to initially write and store her ideas and articles.
  • Screencast – a video recording software which Kim uses to send instructions to her virtual assistant.


How to Make Money Selling Low-Priced Products


Some people just love being able to read along with interviews, or they might just prefer to skip the audio completely and just read through the transcript. Hey, if that’s what floats your boat, it is all good. Here’s the transcript just for you :)

Click here to download transcript.

  1. No matter how I try, when I try to listen to the PodCast, I am sent to “SoundCloud”. I signed up, signed in, ask for download, etc, but was unable to play the interview with Kim. What happened to the old “Click & Listen” protocol???????

    1. Hi Gary,

      Sorry about that. It seems there was a glitch with Soundcloud today, but it seems they resolved it. You should be able to click and listen now.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful response. Yes, improvements in I really enjoyed reading your blog, you have lots of great content. I look forward to reading more posts from you. However, However,it;s more help full to us, that’s a great think

  3. I really enjoyed this epidode, Leslie! As a seller of in-hand products, not digitial products, would you recommend blogging as a way to drive traffic to result in sales as well? I started seriously promoting my handmade goods in January of this year and make enough to support my hobby without dipping into the budget anymore, but I’m really hoping to start pulling a profit soon. I started and am doing well with a lower price point, but am adding (actually right now) a higher price point item that doesn’t take me any more time to create, so that I have a more dramatic profit. Is this the right way to go about it?

    1. Most definitely. Blogging is a way to grow an audience. In order to sell stuff (digital or physical) you need to have an audience to sell to. That’s what blogging can do.

  4. Hey Leslie, and Kim,
    Great podcast! Very informative and inspirational – especially for newbies like me.
    thanks a bunch. Time to talk to my subscribers 🙂

    1. Yep – that’s a lesson I learned too. I need to do a better job at talking to my subscribers. I took note and will be taking action 🙂

  5. I loved the podcast! I am trying to reconnect with you. I was a student but lost touch through the process. I would love to Learn about anything you have to offer newbies!
    You are refreshing and a wonderful Godly man and may he continue to bless your work and all of us in newbie blogging land!

  6. Hello Kim and Leslie-
    Just listened to your podcast. Thank you for all of the simple, straightforward, honest information. I really enjoyed hearing about your process and success.
    Wondering….How did you find your overseas assistant? Initially, did you have trouble letting go enough to have someone else handle tasks for you?
    Huge help all around! Thank you.

  7. Hey Leslie,

    Thanks for posting that inspiring story! I always love to read success stories of other bloggers, as it gives me this extra motivation to achieve my goals as well. From what I can conclude – Kim really utilized the power of pinterest and the advantage of the infographics plus eye-catching images. Yes it takes a long time to put those together – but if the topic is interesting, it can go viral pretty quick. I am in the middle of experimenting with that as well – write about a very specific yet interesting niche, so hope my time don’t get wasted!

    Anyways thanks again for posting this encouraging story and keep up the work with the great blog!



    1. She definitely does a great job with those thing Adam. Glad to hear that you are taking action. Keep doing it – that time is never wasted, because you learn.

  8. Hi Leslie. I notice you said you were kicked off adsense, but your biology blog has adsense ads on it.
    How did you get accepted back into the program?

    1. Hi John,

      I was banned from Adsense, but my wife wasn’t 🙂

      My Adsense account is actually her Adsense account. Also, just to clarify – I no longer use Adsense on my blog since a few months ago. I use the blogger network.

  9. Hi Leslie

    How is the Blogger Network going for you? I would love to hear more on your experience with them.

    I have been using chitika, but return is very low.

    1. Well – I can tell you this. I know that I get paid more on the Blogger Network. I can’t tell you exactly how much more because I haven’t paid full attention but I will do a full analysis at some point in the future so stay tuned 🙂

  10. Thanks Leslie for this great interview! It inspired a lot of ideas for me and I love a good success story. This is definitely one I have to re listen to and take notes.
    Thanks for all the information that you share and all you do for us!

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