Server issues “solved”. Live, learn and then get STRONGER!

By Leslie Samuel

As many of you are probably aware, we've been having some server issues with CaliStyle101 over the last few days. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you might want to read my earlier announcement. Now, assuming you've already done that, this message has some important info.

The switch has been made

We made the switch, and it went smoother than expected. We purchased a dedicated server about a week and a half ago with Liquidweb, because we've heard a lot of good stuff about their service and support. We can finally say that everything is on that dedicated server – a newer, much stronger version.

Because of the switch, we had to revert once again to the status as of Sunday the 17th. So, if you happened to do anything on CaliStyle101 over the last few hours, it doesn't exist. Well, maybe it does somewhere out there in “cyberspace”, but not in a way that we can retrieve it.

For the New Members

If you registered between 1/17 and today (1/20), it's possible that your account no longer exists and you might need to re-register for an account at CaliStyle101.com. Try logging in and if it doesn't work, it means that this applies to you. This next part is IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE SIGNING UP AGAIN, REMOVE THE CHECKMARK NEXT TO THE TEXT THAT SAYS “Get Free Quick Start Guide”. If you don't, it might give you a signup error.

If you were referred by someone, PLEASE make sure to use the same affiliate link you used to sign up initially. That way they will be assigned as your mentor and they will receive credit if you upgrade your membership.

If you had previously chosen a mentor, please contact that mentor again and let them know that you still want to work with them. They will be happy to continue the process of getting you started.

For the Old members

We're going to need your help. Because of the server errors, there might be some confusion around the forums, in terms of PMs that are missing, trades that no longer exist in the Trade Manager, posts that appear to be deleted, etc. Please provide them with guidance so that they can understand what has happened, move past it and continue on to complete successful trades. In other words, let us band together to help the new guys out, minimize confusion and maximize success.

About Recent Completed Trades

Since we had to revert back to 1/17, trades completed between 1/17 and 1/20 may not appear in your trade manager, and feedback left might no longer be there. You are free to set those trades up again, as long and complete them as usual.

We do appreciate all of the support that we've been receiving throughout this “interesting” process and look forward to the growth of CaliStyle101 in 2010.

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to ask them here.

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