How To Get Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

Posted by Become A Blogger on Friday, February 6, 2015


In this video, I'm going to share with five tips for getting tons of people to your blog.

Are you ready for them? Lets go!

First thing – you want to make sure you know exactly who your ideal target person is. Who are you trying to reach? What are their goals? What are their struggles?

And lastly – how can you help them accomplish those goals and overcome those struggles? Is it that they are trying to accomplish something?

Or is it simply that they are looking for a good laugh. Is that person male or female? What are they passionate about. Be clear about all of this.

Secondly, once you know who that person is, create awesome content that helps them accomplish their goals and overcome their struggles. Create this content consistently and don't skimp on the quality.

Make the best content you can create and do it over and over again. This is really going to set the foundation for everything you're trying to accomplish.

If your content is awesome and consistent, people will be more likely to share it.

Ok, now for the third part – Make strategic alliances with key people who you can help and can also help you accomplish your goals. This can be other bloggers in your niche, or even just people who you know can benefit from your content.

When I first started my biology blog, I emailed a bunch of other biology websites, not to spam them or beg for help but to see how we can both help each other out. Today with my blog, I connect with people on social media and even by going to live events, and it's amazing to see what has come as a result of those connections.

What's the fourth thing you can do? Pick a social network to master and use that social network to engage with your target audience and to build exposure for your blog. If you choose to use Facebook, get on there, start a page and start connecting with people.

But don't just do that – take courses on how to market with Facebook and take action on everything you learn that is applicable to your business.

When I started my biology blog, I decided to focus on Youtube. I took courses on Youtube and I used it effectively as a result of the training I received. Today, Youtube is one of the BIGGEST ways I get exposure for that blog.

And lastly – tip #5 – Make sure your content is shareable. How do you do this? Simple – Have social sharing buttons on your blog.

Use images freely and wisely so that it makes your content look good on your blog and especially when shared on social media.

And lastly, make sure you have a responsive design or theme on your blog so that when people find your content on their mobile devices, they can easily share it with their networks.

So those are my five tips. My question for you is this – which of these tips do you find most useful? Let me know in the comments below.

Remember – the concepts I shared here are relatively simple. The process however, takes a ton of work

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Leslie Samuel a business coach for high-performing entrepreneurs. As the host of the Leslie Samuel Show, he teaches how to build an online business. "Changing the world one post at a time” is the mission he strives towards. As a former university professor, he has a passion for education. He's the founder of Interactive Biology, a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to making biology fun for students and teachers. As the head of training for the Social Media Marketing Society, he helps social media marketers get the training they need to stay on the leading edge of social media.

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