How To Create A Mobile Podcasting Studio Setup

By Leslie Samuel

I took my family to Nassau, Bahamas in December and we spent 35 days there.

That's where my wife is originally from so we were able to spend a lot of time with family.

The beauty of running a blogging business is that you can literally do it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

While we were in Nassau, I continued recording my podcast.

On one of my Become A Blogger University Q&A sessions, we got on the topic of the equipment I use when I'm traveling to be able to continue recording my podcast and doing my videos and having it still be as professional as if I was at home in my studio.

So, I decided to record this video to show the equipment I use when I'm away from home.

Vid_Mobile_Podcasting_Studio_PinterestI share my Mobile Podcasting Studio setup.

In fact, I go into 2 options: A simple option and a more complex one – both of which result in a very professional quality podcast.

So whether you're a traveling podcaster or are looking for options for recording a professional sounding podcast on a budget, you're going to find value in it.

If you have any questions about how I put it all together, or any questions in general, feel free to leave them in the comments below.


    • Hi Nanette,

      If you click through on the links in the post above, you will see the individual prices.

      If you go with the simple setup, the price would be $60 for the mic right now.

      With the advanced setup, you’re looking at around $400ish with the digital recorder.

  • That looks like a pretty nice setup you have there and doesn’t seem very expensive at all. I might look into software for editing my podcast in the future with an intro/outro like most podcasts have but right now what I have works.

    It might seem funny but right now with what I’m doing I’m just using my Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart Phone to record and then I upload to dropbox and then upload to SoundCloud.

  • I enjoyed this post. I have the Mackie Mixer and have been wondering how to hook it up to my Mac and your video was very helpful

  • Awesome! I’m working on getting a podcast set up, and this was a big help! I can’t wait to get started! Thanks Leslie!

  • Hi. My wife and I will co-interview one or two folks at a time. How would you mod the above setup to accomodate? Thanks for doing this!

    • I would go ahead and get two mics that you can plug into the two XLR connection. Then you can hold one mic and your wife can hold the other. However, I wouldn’t pass the mic to the interviewees to hold. I would do it kind of like a TV interview where you move the mic back and forth between you and the interviewee.

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