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186 Ten Common Blogging Mistakes You Want To Avoid

By Leslie Samuel

Are there things that you are doing with the intention of growing your blog that are actually hurting you?

Are you one of the MANY bloggers who do these things without knowing the negative effects?

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Maybe you learned some of these things from the “blogging gurus” out there who claim to be experts that can help your skyrocket your blog with minimal effort.

In this episode, I address the ten common blogging mistakes you want to avoid.

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Ten Common Blogging Mistakes You Want To Avoid

I've been blogging professionally since August of 2008. Since that time, I've seen a lot of changes happen in the blogosphere.

Many bloggers have come and gone, and that will continue to happen.

When I look at the bloggers who have come and gone, there are certain common elements that I've noticed that hold them back from being successful.

I wanted to share some of these observations with you so that you don't make the same mistakes they've made.

The good news is this, if you're already making these mistakes, you can stop. What are they? I'm glad you asked:

  • Being too worried about the technical details
  • Casting a wide net
  • Focusing on yourself and not your audience
  • Focusing too heavily on SEO tactics
  • Imitating but never originating
  • Not focusing on your email list
  • Treating your blog as a hobby
  • Not putting in enough hustle
  • Sound too professional and not personal
  • Keeping EVERYTHING online

Of course, I get much more into the details in the episode, so you want to make sure and have a listen.

Question: Have you noticed yourself making any of these mistakes? Let me know in the comments below.


Some people prefer to read along with the podcast episode. Others actually prefer to read than listen. If you are one of those people, not to worry. I’ve got a transcript right here for you 🙂

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Ten Common Blogging Mistakes You Want To Avoid

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Learning With Leslie

Learning With Leslie is a podcast dedicated to helping you build a business around a blog. No, not one of those blogs that will fall by the wayside when Google has a mood swing, but one that will thrive no matter what gets thrown at it.

I share tips and strategies that I’ve learnt building blogs since 2008 and interview experts who are knowledgable about various aspects of blogging so that we can learn from their experiences.

If you’re a blogger, thinking about becoming a blogger (pun intended) or are not even sure if blogging is right for you, go ahead and tune in to see what this blogging thing is all about.

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  1. Once again Leslie, you’re advice is spot-on! I see myself in at least 3 of these errors.

    Number 5 – Imitating but never originating – is not one of them, but your discussion reminded me of the phrase (don’t know who first said it):

    “You might as well be you because everyone else is taken.”

  2. Oops. I’ve been “annoying”, tweeting you about key word research (i.e. SEO tactics). Thanks for educating me. This was a really good episode. I AM enjoying.

  3. Leslie, thanks for the great show!

    I think that I am guilty of most of the mistakes that you outlined. I make a living off of blogging but I lack growth and I am always trying to find a way to get over the hump.

    My biggest error has been ignoring my email list while focusing on social media growth. With social media, your content can easily be overlooked but with email, you are more likely to get a chance to speak to your subscriber.

    This is some good food for thought… Now it’s time to hustle!

    1. Time to hustle indeed. Glad to hear you are enjoying the show and even more glad to hear that you are making a living from your blog. It’s a great feeling isn’t it?

      The email list thing is HUGE and can make such a significant change in the way you do business. You should definitely jump on that one.

  4. Thanks Leslie!
    I’m a newbie. I’m just beginning to build a blog and this incredibly helpful!!

  5. Finally, I found someone with real suggestions who knows what he is talking about and he is able to teach what a blogger should really do. Leslie, I wish I was going to discover you long time ago.

  6. Hey Leslie,

    This is very helpful to me.. I’m am in blogging for more than years and still I always consider myself as newbie because in blogging there are so much things to learn and whatever you learn its not that enough for you. Glad to hear your voice about common blogging mistake. Honestly I did couple of mistakes when I was fresh in blogging. But correct it later when I realize it. But still I keep my feet away from the mailing list because even today don’t know why but I’m scared from it.

    Thanks for the sharing … Keep posting 🙂

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