If you're a blogger, you're already creating content. Well . . . you should be. But here's the problem, most bloggers stop there with their content.

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I'm going to share ten ways to get more from your content and leverage what you're already doing to build your blog bigger, better and faster.

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Ten Ways To Get More From Your Content

When you spend time researching and then creating content, you might as well get as much out of your content as possible. How do you do this? Well, there are many ways, Today, I share the following ten:

  • If you do a podcast/video, create a transcript
  • Use multiple media
  • Plan your content for the ultimate/greater purpose
  • Use slideshare for presentations
  • Do live presentations based on your blog content
  • If you do live workshops, record video and audio
  • Rearrange content for different purposes
  • Create Social media updates based on content
  • Create Free Giveaway from a portion of your paid product
  • Do webinars and create courses from webinars

No no, it's not that simple. Don't just read those ten tips and think that you got it all. There's so much more I have to say on the topic. Inside the episode, I go into a lot of detail explaining these tips and how to use them to your benefit. Curious? Have a listen.

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