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Blog #1: I Am That Lady
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I'm on Pinterest, but I have to be honest – I didn't get it.

I've seen that there are a bunch of people getting a ton of traffic from Pinterest, but how can it help me?

Well, if you've asked these questions before, you're questions are about to be answered.

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Whenever I have someone on this show more than once, you know it's because they've got something special. That's definitely the case for Lauren Greutman from I Am That Lady.

In our previous interview, she really offered a ton of value teaching us how to land media exposure for our blogs.

Well, a few days ago, I say something she posted in a private Facebook Group we're a part of.

In that post, she spoke about a very specific Pinterest Strategy she used that caused her Pinterest traffic to look like this:

Change in Pinterest Traffic after using her strategy

Can you see why I had to get her on here?

It's like from one day to the next, Pinterest became alive for her.

It's obvious that she gets something that I have no clue about, and you know – she definitely over delivers in this interview.

Finally – A Pinterest Strategy That Makes Sense – with Lauren Greutman

In this interview, Lauren Reveals:

  • Whether Pinterest can work for bloggers outside of niches like DIY, recipes and all that stuff
  • How to rotate boards for maximum effectiveness
  • How using Group boards can really help drive traffic
  • How to find the right group boards
  • How often she posts on Pinterest
  • How she tracks her Pinterest activity to see what's working
  • How you can use Pinterest parties to boost traffic quickly

She also went into detail about how she organizes her Pinterest boards and pins and when I saw her page, it all made sense.

Check it out for yourself (click on “see on Pinterest”):

Visit Lauren {I am THAT lady}'s profile on Pinterest.

I can now say that after doing this interview – I GET IT. FINALLY! Not only do I finally get it.

I decided to take action and reorganize my Pinterest Page. Check that one out too (and follow me).

Visit Leslie Samuel's profile on Pinterest.

So, if you're already on Pinterest or have been wondering how you can use Pinterest to drive (or increase) traffic to your blog, sit back, relax, listen to this interview.

Then, when you're done, lets go out there and Rock the world of Pinterest together 🙂

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