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You’ve seen it before, haven’t you?

You go to a blog post, the content is solid (maybe), but it’s just a bunch of text on a page.

07_14_Awesome_Posts_PinterestMaybe you’re one of those people who get instantly turned off by that, especially when it’s on the Internet.

But then . . . it happens!

You stumble onto a work of art – a blog post that gets you excited to dive in and keeps your attention from beginning to end.
Not just because the content is amazing, but also because it also looks Awesome.

The pictures jump out at you. The formatting compliments the content.

The entire post looks like you're reading your way through the path of righteousness all the way to Heaven.

Ok, maybe it's not THAT deep, but you get the point.

In this blog post, I want to help you get as close to that “heavenly place” as possible with your blog content.

I'm gonna give you ten ways that you can make your blog post STAND OUT! So here goes . . .

1. Choose the Right Theme

divi2-screenshotsThis really sets the foundation for awesome looking content. Yes, there are many WordPress themes out there – even free ones.

However, there are some themes that do a much better job at laying out the content than others. This is why I stick with premium WordPress theme sites like Woothemes and Elegant Themes for my blogs.

They just look good.

Note: This theme I use here at Become A Blogger is actually a customized Wootheme. However, I'm falling more in love with Elegant Themes recently. Especially their Divi 2.0 Theme.

2. Use Relevant Shortcodes To Add Some Spice

shortcodes_featureDepending on what theme you use, you can add a significant amount of AWESOME to your blog posts using shortcodes.

A shortcode is a wordpress-specific code that you can add to your post that allows you to do all kinds of cool things.

You are able to add fancy boxes, buttons and other “cute” elements (I can't believe I used the word cute). Just check out the shortcodes available with Elegant Themes.

Check Out The Shortcodes.

It's one of the reasons why I love them so much.

3. Use simple text formatting to emphasize key points

Never underestimate the power of Bold, Italics, Underlines and even ALL CAPS.

Using those elements in your content helps some parts to Stand Out More MUCH More than others. That's exactly what you want, because some words are just more important.

4. Keep Your Paragraphs Short

People don't like to read long paragraphs online. That's a fact.

So, instead of making your paragraphs super long, break them up. 2 – 3 sentences max. That's the way I do it.

5. Use Heading Tags To Break Up Content

HeadingsOne of the things people like to do when reading content online is quickly scan the content to get the gist of the article.

By having heading tags, you make it easier for people to do that, and it makes your content easier to consume.

In this post, all of the tips are headings (I use the H2 tag), and as you can see, it makes it easier for you to get a general feel of what this post is about.

6. Use High Quality Images

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. They were right (whoever they are).

Yes, your written content is powerful, but adding relevant images that complement your content really takes it to the next level.

I like to use high-quality stock images for my content. I get most of my images from Dollar Photo Club, but there are even some free ways to get great images.

7. Make Your Images Look Awesome

Images are great, but there are all kinds of things you can do to those images to make them look even better. You can add text to them and even apply filters.

With free sites like PicMonkey and Canva, you don't even need to be a professional designer. We use a combination of those two sites for our first picture in every post and even our infographics.

8. Add Infographics

infographicsThis is something I just started doing recently and I think it's a great way to add another dimension to your content.

By taking out the key points from your article and summarizing it visually in an infographic, you are taking things to the next level.

Just check out the infographic at the end of this post and you'll see exactly what I mean. That was made using Canva.

9. Embed Tweets And Facebook Posts

This not only adds a nice look to your posts, but can also help to make your content more interactive.

Your blog readers are able to interact with tweets and Facebook posts from directly in your article. I don't do this often, but it's a neat feature.

10. Create AWESOME Content

TypingI had to add this one as my last tip. It doesn't matter how pretty your blog post looks. If the content is not great, nobody's really going to engage with it.

Create awesome content, and that will complement the awesome look that you just created.

In Conclusion

There you go – 10 tips that you can use today to make your blog posts look AWESOME. You don't have to use them all in every post kind of like I did in this post, but it does give you some ideas to work with.

Are there other things you do to make your blog posts look better? If so, go ahead and share them with me and the Become A Blogger community in the comments below.


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