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What Most Beginning Bloggers Get Wrong That This Guy Got Right

By Leslie Samuel

Over the last few weeks, I've had more people walk up to me letting me know that they want to start a blog than ever before.

It's as if everyone's catching the blogging itch.

BlogIdeaThis is a good thing in my opinion. The people I'm referring to seem to have great ideas, and there seems to be one thing in common – They are trying to make a POSITIVE impact on the world.

That gets me excited.

But the truth is – I've heard it all before. Many, many, MANY times.

However, for as many times as I've heard it, if I were to look at the percentage of those people who are actually blogging today, I think the conversion rate would be 0.something.

What's The Problem?

Before I get into the problem, I want you to watch this video:

Click Here To Watch It On Youtube

Now, I don't know this guy but I like him. Why? For a number of reasons:

  • He's a great storyteller
  • He's not boring
  • He seems to be passionate about what he wants to do

But that's not what stood out to me (or why I'm writing this blog post).

The main reason has to do with ONE thing he said in the video (my paraphrase):

Could it be possible for an amateur like me to be could take TEN YEARS and master this skill?

Do you see it? Really, do you see it?


The problem is that we are MESSED UP!  Here's the real deal . . .

When I want food, I put it in the microwave. Why? Not because it's healthy – because it's quick.

If I go to your blog and it takes 15 SECONDS to load, I will probably never make it to your blog, because it is taking too long.

If the speed limit is 25 and the guy in front of me is going 20, I get impatient.

All of these things are training us to expect the SAME THING in our businesses, and we CAN'T LET THAT BE!

The Truth

I've been working on my online business (in a legitimate way) since January 18th, 2008 and it's STILL not where I want it to be.

I've put in COUNTLESS HOURS, working like a dog at some points.

I've failed over and over again.

I've GIVEN UP on this blogging thing in the past.

But you know what, I've kept at it and I will continue working my behind off to accomplish my goal.

The Solution

IF you are trying to build a blog. IF you want that blog to have a positive impact. IF you are trying to Create Content, Inspire Others and Change The World while building an online business, be in it for the long haul.

Don't fool yourself with the myth of the overnight success!

Don't listen to those bloggers who tell you that they will show you how to make 1 MILLION DOLLARS in 31 days if you purchase their $97 product.

I know – you might have been doing this for a while and you aren't where you want to be.

Work HARD, Work SMART! Keep working.

Rome was not built in a day and your blog won't be either (Click Here To Tweet This)

  • Awesome message Leslie!. I sometimes get frustrated because I don’t have as many readers, followers, comments, etc. as I want but I am motivated to keep trying when I listen to your podcasts and hear about others that may be going through the same thing. Thanks for all you do. I like this guy too because he I think he speaks for a lot of people. Have a great day!

  • This is so true and something people often miss. They get discouraged when they don’t see results as quickly as they think they should. It’s really great that this guy’s focus is on taking 10 years to master something. That’s a long time! And yet it is a super realistic approach.

    I remember when I first decided to write professionally. I had heard how hard it is to make it, so I set a goal of regularly submitting articles to magazines and that I wouldn’t allow myself to feel like a failure until I had submitted 100 articles and had EVERY one of them rejected. I figured that if that happened, then maybe I really didn’t have any writing talent, but I wouldn’t allow myself to give up until I hit that point. (Thankfully, my second article was accepted, but the bottom line is that I went into it with a long-term, “don’t give up” approach.)

    Thanks for an inspiring post, Leslie!

  • Hi Leslie,

    I think where most people get it wrong is that they’re trying to “become a blogger” (with apologies to your namesake). It’s not about becoming a blogger, at all. It is, as you said, about having a positive impact – making a dent in the universe.

    It’s possible to become a blogger by grinding out post after post, tirelessly. But is what you doing matter? To have an impact, one should aim higher than that.

    A blog is just one of many ways to deliver your message. In other words, if your blog disappeared today, how would you communicate your purpose and message to the world? Can you inspire and deliver your message one-on-one? People changed the world long before blogs were around.

    If you’re working yourself ragged all the time, it’s time to stop for a minute, reassess what you’re trying to achieve, and 80/20 your entire process. I recommend everyone that’s tired of the grind to go read Gerber’s “E-Myth Revisited”. It changed my entire approach to business nearly overnight.

    -Rich Polanco

  • We already talked about this video on Facebook. He did a great job on this video. he went all in with what he already knew how to do. Now it’s just about growing himself so he can grow his audience along side him.

  • Yeah, for me, blogging has been about having a space to express the things that passionately move me. From that, my readership has grown and it’s been fun interacting with followers. I’ve gotta say, though, that even with consideration to how much work i put into my own blog posts, I’m still a harsh/rushed critic. If your blog doesn’t capture me in <30, I'm not likely to stay or subscribe.

  • We definitely have to build strong foundations for lasting blogs and dreams. This is an awesome video and so nice to see someone giving himself time to become really good at something with a long term goal in mind.

    Our society is so “I want it now” oriented that we often forget that patience is a virtue and that the best things in life come to those who wait (or are patient, and who give it time)..

  • Leslie, love it!

    Imagine yourself opening a corner store. How many hours would you work? 6-7 days weekly, 12 hours daily, to make money with your store.

    Now imagine starting an online business, or blog. How many hours would you work on it? 6-7 days, 12 hour days, if you want to make it work within months.

    Sure, most take years, 3, 4 or 5 to make money online at a steady clip – me included – because we do not put in the time on Income Producing Acts, for hours daily, for weeks…..

    This takes a serious committment.

    Thanks for sharing Leslie!

  • Great post Leslie – and thank you for being the “real deal” and giving real advice. It’s not about making a mil in 30 days – it’s about creating value and making relationships that will last and not be a flash in the plan. So glad you’re in my circle of mentors 🙂

    • A mil in 30 days would be awesome. If you figure out how to do it, let me know 😉

      Yes, you’re right. All about value and relationships. Two key terms in blogging!

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