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I'm just SO THRILLED to have my good friend Rachel Martin on today's interview. In my eyes, she's the Facebook queen. Yep I said it.

There's a lot of value in the interview and I'm trying out a new format. Check out the show notes below and you'll see what I mean.

There's also the Take Action Sheet that you can download above that summarizes all the good stuff and makes it as practical as possible for you.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Who is Rachel

Episode 145_Rachel2

Rachel Martin is the voice behind Finding Joy, a blog dedicated to seeking joy in life, specifically in motherhood.

She has been using Facebook as a strategy in generating consistent traffic to her blog and as a result has reached millions of readers in the last three years with some posts generating as many as 100,000 likes on them (one has over 220K).

She's been authoring eBooks that have also gained a lot of interest particularly among moms. She is currently the VP for Marketing for a conference I recently spoke at, Blogging Concentrated.

Rachel has a very specific Facebook strategy that has been proven (over and over) to increase engagement. So, I decided to get her on here to share that strategy with us.

Your “Take Action” Goals

  • To develop a consistent strategy to increase Facebook engagement.
  • To build a community around your page and eventually your blog.
  • To keep an authentic page.
  • To provide consistent content throughout the day.

How To Determine your type of audience

Questions to Answer:

  • What type of content do they like and want to share with their own friends?
  • What times of the day are they online?
  • What times of the day are they most interactive on the page?

How to determine your type of audience:

1. Trial and error 2. Facebook Insights

  • Go to your Facebook Page
  • Click “See Insights”
  • Click “Posts”
  • Check the time of day your readers are active (See image below)
Facebook Insights

3. Observing other people's strategies

4. Learn about Facebook’s Open Graph

The following is a video of a Free Weekly Mastermind that was done with Dan Morris and Rachel Martin.

Schedule your posts and post consistently

Question to answer: Which posts / content will my readers want or love to share in their own stream?


1. Create content that your readers will want to share
** achieves virality and shareability
** always aim for more SHARES more than LIKES

2. Be generous with content

Examples from Rachel's Page

New Post On Facebook

Please note: The following examples are EXAMPLES from what Rachel has been doing on her Finding Joy Facebook Page. To find what works for you, TEST, TEST and when you’re done, TEST some more. (Click on the images to see actual posts)

First post – in the morning (approximately 9am)

*New post* (Letting your audience know about a post you made to your blog)

  • Write something personal about the post
  • Add the link to the post
  • Remove hyperlink when page loads
  • Post to your page

Screen Shot 2014 01 06 at 9 11 32 AMSecond post – early afternoon

**Note: Goal is for your readers to have as few clicks as possible

  • Share the link on the top
 (use a url shortening service like bit.ly)
  • Include something like “Here is the full post link,” or, “Read the rest of them at the top.”
  • Add a section from the whole post
  • Share a picture – choose one that would be used for Pinterest too

Mid Afternoon Facebook PostThird post – mid afternoon

  • Share some personal stuff
  • Could be Instagram pics
  • Images with quotes are popular, tooNote: Okay to share personal stuff as long as still related to the theme of your blog


Fourth post – Later in the day/evening

  • Re-share old and popular posts

** gauge the traffic from post of the day** post popularity based on # of shares, likes, commentsNote: It is okay to vary your posts or mix them up. Remember, it all depends on YOUR audience
Evening Facebook Post

How To Build engagement

Questions to answer:

  • What can I share today that my audience would want to interact with?
  • Who left comments on my page?
  • Who shared and/or liked my posts today?
Engage On Facebook

How to engage them:

  • Respond to comments
    **do so as an admin of your page or as yourself using your personal FB account
  • Tag people when responding (i.e. mention specific names when you respond)
    ** tagging brings your post back to the top of your audience's Facebook news feed
  • THANK your page's community
  • “LIKE” shared posts from your page
  • Comment on shared posts and tag your page as in :”Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate it… Rachel from Finding Joy.”
  • Post questions that are easy to respond to.Examples are:*Fill in the blank posts
    *Describe in one word…


  • Learn what's best for YOUR community and YOUR blog
  • Creating content that your audience will want to share in their own stream

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