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145 How To Get A Ton Of Interaction On Your Facebook Page – With Rachel Martin

By Leslie Samuel

Rachel Martin
Blog: Finding Joy
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I'm just SO THRILLED to have my good friend Rachel Martin on today's interview. In my eyes, she's the Facebook queen. Yep I said it.

There's a lot of value in the interview and I'm trying out a new format. Check out the show notes below and you'll see what I mean.

There's also the Take Action Sheet that you can download above that summarizes all the good stuff and makes it as practical as possible for you.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Who is Rachel

Episode 145_Rachel2

Rachel Martin is the voice behind Finding Joy, a blog dedicated to seeking joy in life, specifically in motherhood.

She has been using Facebook as a strategy in generating consistent traffic to her blog and as a result has reached millions of readers in the last three years with some posts generating as many as 100,000 likes on them (one has over 220K).

She's been authoring eBooks that have also gained a lot of interest particularly among moms. She is currently the VP for Marketing for a conference I recently spoke at, Blogging Concentrated.

Rachel has a very specific Facebook strategy that has been proven (over and over) to increase engagement. So, I decided to get her on here to share that strategy with us.

Your “Take Action” Goals

  • To develop a consistent strategy to increase Facebook engagement.
  • To build a community around your page and eventually your blog.
  • To keep an authentic page.
  • To provide consistent content throughout the day.

How To Determine your type of audience

Questions to Answer:

  • What type of content do they like and want to share with their own friends?
  • What times of the day are they online?
  • What times of the day are they most interactive on the page?

How to determine your type of audience:

1. Trial and error 2. Facebook Insights

  • Go to your Facebook Page
  • Click “See Insights”
  • Click “Posts”
  • Check the time of day your readers are active (See image below)
Facebook Insights

3. Observing other people's strategies

4. Learn about Facebook’s Open Graph

The following is a video of a Free Weekly Mastermind that was done with Dan Morris and Rachel Martin.

Schedule your posts and post consistently

Question to answer: Which posts / content will my readers want or love to share in their own stream?


1. Create content that your readers will want to share
** achieves virality and shareability
** always aim for more SHARES more than LIKES

2. Be generous with content

Examples from Rachel's Page

New Post On Facebook

Please note: The following examples are EXAMPLES from what Rachel has been doing on her Finding Joy Facebook Page. To find what works for you, TEST, TEST and when you’re done, TEST some more. (Click on the images to see actual posts)

First post – in the morning (approximately 9am)

*New post* (Letting your audience know about a post you made to your blog)

  • Write something personal about the post
  • Add the link to the post
  • Remove hyperlink when page loads
  • Post to your page

Screen Shot 2014 01 06 at 9 11 32 AMSecond post – early afternoon

**Note: Goal is for your readers to have as few clicks as possible

  • Share the link on the top
 (use a url shortening service like
  • Include something like “Here is the full post link,” or, “Read the rest of them at the top.”
  • Add a section from the whole post
  • Share a picture – choose one that would be used for Pinterest too

Mid Afternoon Facebook PostThird post – mid afternoon

  • Share some personal stuff
  • Could be Instagram pics
  • Images with quotes are popular, tooNote: Okay to share personal stuff as long as still related to the theme of your blog


Fourth post – Later in the day/evening

  • Re-share old and popular posts

** gauge the traffic from post of the day** post popularity based on # of shares, likes, commentsNote: It is okay to vary your posts or mix them up. Remember, it all depends on YOUR audience
Evening Facebook Post

How To Build engagement

Questions to answer:

  • What can I share today that my audience would want to interact with?
  • Who left comments on my page?
  • Who shared and/or liked my posts today?
Engage On Facebook

How to engage them:

  • Respond to comments
    **do so as an admin of your page or as yourself using your personal FB account
  • Tag people when responding (i.e. mention specific names when you respond)
    ** tagging brings your post back to the top of your audience's Facebook news feed
  • THANK your page's community
  • “LIKE” shared posts from your page
  • Comment on shared posts and tag your page as in :”Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate it… Rachel from Finding Joy.”
  • Post questions that are easy to respond to.Examples are:*Fill in the blank posts
    *Describe in one word…


  • Learn what's best for YOUR community and YOUR blog
  • Creating content that your audience will want to share in their own stream

Resources for this episode

About The Podcast

Learning With Leslie

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I share tips and strategies that I’ve learnt building blogs since 2008 and interview experts who are knowledgable about various aspects of blogging so that we can learn from their experiences.

If you’re a blogger, thinking about becoming a blogger (pun intended) or are not even sure if blogging is right for you, go ahead and tune in to see what this blogging thing is all about.

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  1. Hello; This is the first podcast from you that i have clicked on and listnd to in a while and i’m glad I did because she confirmed something i had been noticing on my own face book posts. That is my personal posts get far mor reaction than those for my business. I have gone through the process of having gastric surgery and losing over 240 pounds. every time i post an update on my health or weight loss i get tons of comments well tons by my standards. Also, I am a blind bloggr, and win i mention challenges coming from being blind or ask people to help out with problems i am having i also get a lot of responses. One of the things i often do now is when posting a new video or blog post to my face book page i ask people how it looks and remind them that since i am blind it would be good if they could let me know what they think not only of the content but its appearance. Thanks again for sharing her approach to fb. I imagine the same philosophy will work on other social media sites. Take care, max

    1. Hi Max, I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the podcast. Yes, she definitely did share a ton of value and I’m glad to have her on. Being personal is what Facebook is about and I find that I get more interaction when I do that too. Keep up the good work!

      All the best!

  2. I’ve just started listening to your podcasts, and so far I love them! Maybe I can get a little advice from you, Leslie? I am hesitant to start a FB page, since I am a newbie at Internet Marketing and really have no clue what I would put on there. I only have had 76 unique visitors in the month since I have started my blog, so I really don’t know who would even “Like” my page.

    I am gearing my blog towards work at home parents and want-to-be work at home parents and how they can make a living online while being able to be home with their kids.

    Another problem I’m having, is that Google Analytics shows that most of my visitors come from traffic labeled (direct )/ (none), so I really don’t know what my visitors are searching for when they find my site. If I knew this, I feel I would have a better grip on what to focus on.

    Anyway, thanks for all your great info and awesome guests!

    1. Hi Monica,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the podcast.

      Here’s my recommendation – work on building your blog and engagement on your blog. You can choose to use Facebook as a traffic generation strategy, or you can choose something else. I think FB is great. Choose one and work on building with that.

      The problem you are going to face is that you are entering a VERY crowded space and in order to stand out, you need to do something different. People have to have a reason to check out your blog as opposed to the MANY others out there. Once you figure that out, you can make a lot happen.

      There’s too much I can say to answer these questions that it would be way too much to go into one comment. Fortunately, I have A LOT of podcast episodes dealing with those topics, so have fun exploring, learning and taking ACTION!

  3. Having problems downloading this with Real Player or even on to my MP3.
    Has anyone else had this problem and How do I fix it please so I do not miss your show!

    1. I haven’t had anyone complain about problems accessing the podcast. However, I don’t know that many people are using real player to download them. What happens when you press play on this page?

    2. The video plays fine for me when I click on it, but it is playing in a player I have never seen or at least haven’t noticed before called Bluburry PowerPress Player. I decided to see if it would give me any trouble downloading. and I got this message.
      “Video can’t be played because the file is
      corrupt.” I posted a picture, I don’t know it you can read it.

  4. Create content that your readers want to share.

    That rang a bell with me, maybe because I finally just got my blog up. Anyway it made me think about sharing, and how some of us don’t share your stuff, because we don’t think some of our friends really care about building a blog. When Rachel talked about creating content that readers want to share it got me thinking about what you could write about that we might all want to share.
    I know lots of people who struggle with facebook and getting around like aunty and granny and I have to include my self in that list also. I have been doing screen shots and
    using snippy to make directions for a few in my family. There are lots of things to
    explain. Like how to post to pinterest from facebook. How brand pages differ
    from your personal pages when you upload pictures. What do the questions in
    settings mean, and how to best answer them. Sure these can all be found else
    where if you know how to look, but where do you look to find the best answers.
    Things like what to tell our readers on the best ways to continue to get our
    feeds, these are things we can share with all our friends as well as our
    followers on our brand pages. They get to know that we are still learning and
    we want to share some of what we learn with them.
    And when you get done with face fook you can do youtube, I am new to having a channel and I am so lost, what does it mean to share a favorite and how do you do it. Sure there are directions but they are lacking. Next you could write about twitter and so
    on. If you are specifically looking for something for your followers to share,
    these might be just what you need. Now if only I could figure out what I need
    to write about that my followers would want to share. You can stretch it out,
    and people will look forward to getting the shares, it will even drive traffic
    to your page as they look forward to the next gem you present to them. They
    will learn that they too can build a blog and that you will be there for them.
    Sorry I rambled on so long, could you see I’m excited.

  5. WOW! Hey Leslie!! Hopefully your “You” Year has started of grand for yourself and your family!

    First time coming to your blog, after hearing you on Cliff Ravenscraft’s “Podcast Answer Man” podcast. Warmth came from your aura through my earphones, and I immediately subscribed to your podcast.

    Your show notes are…WOW!!!Launching my podcast soon, and I’m going to have to copy this structure…this is AMAZING!!!

    Thanks for supplying the video regarding Facebook’s Open Graph…they are always changing, so it gets hard to keep up sometimes!

    Many Blessings!!!

    1. Hi Danielle,

      Thanks for stopping by and for subscribing. Glad you are enjoying the content.

      Yep – I just started doing my show notes this way and I love it too. I just gave myself a whole lot of work, lol.

      Blessings to you too.

  6. Thanks for providing a ton of useful info once again, Leslie! Looking forward for more blogging tips, going to listen to some of your older podcasts meanwhile!

    1. You’re welcome. Rachel definitely did share lots of value in this one. I had fun with her 🙂

      Hope you enjoy the older podcast episodes. Lots of value there too.

  7. I really loved this episode! I was so inspired to create a page – I couldn’t wait. I really see the value in creating a community and hope to grow one as I work on my vision. Thank you Leslie – and wishing you great success in 2014!

    1. You are very much welcome. Glad to see you are getting value. All the best with your page. I see on twitter that you already have it up. Awesomeness. Taking ACTION!

  8. I found this very helpful. I am trying to learn more about FB and increase reach. It’s a new focus of mine. Now a new follower here & on twitter. Look forward to learning more. Thanks! Theresa @dearcreatives:disqus

  9. This has been an extremely helpful podcast episode, Leslie (as all of your podcasts are- actually)…but even as a web success strategist I admit I have not yet been able to figure out facebook entirely. In fact, it’s my downfall! So this is very helpful!

  10. I really enjoyed this podcast. I am in the process of both trying to grow my facebook fan engagement AND increase traffic and interactions to my blog posts. I particularly like how this strategy is about providing value by focusing on different aspects of a particular post so as to attract clicks from various types of fans. Thank you Leslie and Rachel

  11. No doubt social media is the best tool to drive traffic towards your blog other than the search engines. Interaction with your followers is one of the essential part of social media marketing.
    I really enjoyed this post..

  12. Social Media plays the vital role in blogging. You can generate good traffic through Social Media.

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