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How To Simplify Google Analytics Using The Become A Blogger Dashboard

By Leslie Samuel


Google Analytics is an interesting beast, and a lot of bloggers don't even check it because they find it too complicated.

Fortunately for you, I've created a simple, FREE Google analytics dashboard for you to use that will make your analytics easy to consume and understand.

SimplifyGoogleAnalyticsThis makes it so that you can see all the relevant/important information on one screen.

To install the Become A Blogger Dashboard to your Google Analytics account, do the following simple steps:

  • Make sure you are signed into your Google Analytics account
  • Click the button below to get the dashboard
  • Choose which analytics profile you want to install it to
  • Enjoy analytics like never before ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click Here To Get The Dashboard

What's Shown In The Dashboard

Part 1: The Overview

In the first section, I included some of the numbers that ย give you a good overview of your traffic:

  • DashboardSummaryHow many people have visited your blog – This is the number of unique visitors that actually come to your blog and doesn't take into consideration how many times they have visited.
  • How many visits to your blog? – If someone comes to your blog 5 times in a month, that counts as 5 visits.
  • How many visits from the search engines? – When people go to Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine, that counts as an organic visit. This section tells you those visits.
  • How many visits from Social Networks? – If you're driving traffic to your blog from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc, you want to know how effective you're being.
  • How many total pageviews have you had? – Hopefully, when someone visits your site, they will visit multiple pages. This takes each page view into consideration.

That's pretty much it. It'll give you a number of details for you to get a quick “at a glance” picture of where your blog stands, including how much traffic you're getting and where exactly that traffic is coming from.

Part 2: The Top 5's

In this section, you will see the top 5's that are relevant to your blog. This includes:

  • SocialRefsTop 5 Referrers – this tells you which sources of traffic results in the highest amount of visits and pageviews.
  • Top 5 Social Referrers – Which social networks are driving the highest amount of traffic to your blog? These numbers will tell you
  • Top 5 Search Terms In Google – When people go to Google and do a search that finds your blog, what are they searching for? These are the top 5 keyword phrases
  • Top 5 Posts/Pages – What's popular on your blog? This will let you know

Part 3: The Graphs and Charts

Personally, I'm a numbers man. However, being able to look at a chart/graph really helps you to get a better grasp of what the numbers mean. That's why I have this section. It basically takes some of the info listed above and make it easier to consume. The charts answer the following questions:

  • How many people are visiting your blog?
  • Who's sending you traffic?
  • Which social networks are sending you traffic?


In addition to showing you this info in a quick and easy way, you can also click on the headings of any of the sections to drill down even deeper into the nitty gritty details. It's a beautiful thing!

Will knowing all this info make you more money? Of course not. However, it will give you actionable date that you can use to make business decisions that can take your business to the next level. Here are some examples of how you can make this info ACTIONABLE:

  • If you notice that there's one site that seems to be sending you a significant amount of traffic, you can contact the site owner to collaborate with them on mutually beneficial partnership.
  • If you notice you're getting traffic for a keyword that you aren't even targeting, you can start creating content that's relevant to that topic and grab even more of those visitors to convert them into subscribers.
  • If you notice that there are pages on your site that are extremely popular, you can work on optimizing those pages to get individuals to sign up to your email list.
  • If you notice that there are social networks sending you traffic and you aren't even on those networks, you can think about expanding your social media efforts to include those networks and get even more traffic.
  • The sky is the limit!

Lets Wrap This Up

I hope you find this Dashboard helpful. If there are thing you wish I'd include, let me know in the comments below. You just might see it in later versions of the dashboard.

Click Here To Get The Dashboard

Lastly, if you think this resource is awesome, go ahead and help me spread the word so that other bloggers and business owners can also get access to it.


  1. OK, this is– over the to—p amazing! I cant believe you are giving it a way for free! And you created it yourself? That is an amazing feat! Congrats!

    With that said, I want to install this FOR SURE, but I have just recently spent two weeks fighting with GA just to figure out how to install it . I finally found a plugin that helped (Google analyticator) but, as you said –what to do with it?
    And now this gift from you.

    this my trepidation

    Whenever I hear” install” I cringe,

    especially when it has anything to do with google. I believe they go out of there way to make things difficult to understand (I have trouble figuring out gmail-no lie).

    SO,may I ask, is installation easy? Thanks for your continued enthusiasm and caring! Mary

    1. Haha. Glad to help out. I found it useful so I figured I’d share it. I understand the trepidation. Fortunately, it’s not something you’re installing on your computer. It’s actually a feature that’s already in Google analytics where you can create dashboards. I just created it for you and made it so that you can get it added to your dashboard with a simple click.

      So you have nothing to worry about. Well – besides Google taking over THE WORLD ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Thanks so much Leslie!!! This is great!!! It’s so clear, as everything you explain. Now, there’s a term that you mention all the time, but I don’t understand. What are “unique visitors”?
    Thanks a lot and have a great weekend.

    1. No problem David. Unique visitors mean actual individuals who visit your site. It doesn’t count how many times they visit. For example – if you have 10 people who visit your site 10 times, that’s 10 Unique visitors but 100 visits. Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. You are very much welcome David. To answer your question – If you have 10 people visit your site 10 times, that would be 10 unique visitors and 100 visits. That’s the difference. Unique visitors are actual individuals, not taking into consideration how many times they visited.

  3. Hi Leslie,
    This looks fantastic.
    I don’t know what it means by “Choose a View” when setting up.
    I have tried my URL address and every other configuration that I can think of and I just keep getting a red sign saying “Choose a View”
    Can you please help me
    Have an awesome day

    1. Hi Rose,

      Glad you like the dashboard. When it says “Choose a view” it’s just asking you to select which of your profiles you want the dashboard added to. So you can select your website and then start seeing the details.

      Hope that helps. Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!

  4. Thank you Leslie! I already use Google Analytics – but didn’t use the widgets that you’ve selected for this dashboard. I’ve installed your dashboard for both of my websites. I had no idea that you could “share” dashboards. Awesome gift! Thank you!!

  5. Thank you Leslie,
    How simple that was, not sure why I couldn’t get that last time I tried.
    Never mind it is now up and going.
    You are absolutely awesome with all that you do for us all.
    Thank you.

    1. I feel blessed to be able to provide you all with these resources, so I’m glad you’re finding value in the dashboard. Stay tuned for more awesomeness to come ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I’m copying and pasting from the article above that you are commenting on:

      1. Make sure you are signed into your Google Analytics account
      2. Click the button below to get the dashboard
      3. Choose which analytics profile you want to install it to
      4. Enjoy analytics like never before

  6. Hi Leslie,
    This is a little off track here I know, but I am looking for some video software to start my you tube blogging.
    How do I know what is a great software that will work well, be easy to learn, and easy to add your movie to you tube, vimeo, iphones, etc.

  7. Wow that was quick.
    I am on a PC.
    I will mainly be making the videos of myself but from time to time maybe the screen.
    Quite often these will also be filmed while I am using a sewing machine as I am a textile/quilt artist
    Hope this helps

    1. For recording videos of yourself, you can use something as simple as Windows movie maker. I’m not a PC guy, but I’ve heard that does a pretty good job.

      For recording the screen, I recommend Camtasia. However, if you’re looking for a free alternative, you can try That’s free and does some of what Camtasia does.

      Hope that helps!

  8. WOW LESLIE! thank you so much for this! you are always just full of great surprises!
    God bless!

  9. Hi Leslie,
    As I hadn’t set up my analytics before now as I am new to all this, do I need to add the java script to every page and post that I create, or can it just be done in the footer, in the theme.
    For the correct placement of coding, does this then go in the head or at the end of the page but just above the last
    Thank you

    1. You only need to add the code once. Some themes allow you to add them in the theme settings. Or you can add them them just before the code. Or, you can use a plugin like the Google Analytics plugin for wordpress, which makes it easy if you don’t know how to do the code stuff.

  10. Thanks Leslie. This is awesome. I am just about to complete my Goodle Analytics Academy and my lesson last night was on dashboards. Perfect timing. I love it.

  11. This is freakin’ awesome! Thank you so much! I’ve always been daunted by the Google Analytics dashboard, but with this, I can actually understand it.

    Thank you for making my blogging life easier, Leslie!

  12. Leslie, thank you very much for sharing this. It makes the analytics so easy and simple to read. I really appreciate it! I have been using it and should have thanked you earlier. But better late then never! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Thanks Leslie for this!! I’ve joined your coaching club for a dollar today, and watched Google Analytics Walkthrough tutorial, and got this super informative dashboard implemented. Already more than a dollar worth, haha. Amazing!!

  14. Hi Leslie! I thought I had downloaded your dashboard but I don’t see it in my analytics. I also don’t see that pop up box asking what website I want to download it to. Hmmmmm. Help :-}

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