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126 Why I Want To Make A Lot Of Money With My Online Business

By Leslie Samuel

If you know anything about me and you read the title of this podcast episode, you are probably wondering what they did with your dear friend Leslie.

Why this focus on statements about making a lot of money all of a sudden?

Aren't you all about changing the world Leslie?

Yes, I still am. Don't worry, the only thing that has changed is that my dreams about changing the world have become bigger than ever.

Listen to This Episode

In this unscripted episode, I share some of the things I've been thinking about when it comes to the reason why I want to make a lot of money with my Online Business.

I'm not going to really get into it in the show notes right here, because in order to fully understand what I'm saying, you really need to listen to this episode.

126_Why I Want To Make A Lot Of Money With My Online Business

My hopes for this episode is that you listen, are inspired, and then become determined to do something HUGE!

No, for me it's absolutely NOT about making a bunch of money. What is it really about?

Just go ahead and listen 😉

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Some people just love being able to read along with interviews, or they might just prefer to skip the audio completely and just read through the transcript. Hey, if that’s what floats your boat, it is all good. Here’s the transcript just for you :)

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About The Podcast

Learning With Leslie

Learning With Leslie is a podcast dedicated to helping you build a business around a blog. No, not one of those blogs that will fall by the wayside when Google has a mood swing, but one that will thrive no matter what gets thrown at it.

I share tips and strategies that I’ve learnt building blogs since 2008 and interview experts who are knowledgable about various aspects of blogging so that we can learn from their experiences.

If you’re a blogger, thinking about becoming a blogger (pun intended) or are not even sure if blogging is right for you, go ahead and tune in to see what this blogging thing is all about.

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  1. There is nothing wrong or to be ashamed of from wanting to make money, it doesn’t compromise any message at all. A blog is a business and it needs money to grow. Businesses have expenses and the bigger the business gets, the bigger the expenses, I sincerely wish that everyone who starts a “blog” sees it grow into a business to the point where this sinks in. It isn’t about the BMW, Mercedes or Winter home in the Caribbean, it is about being able to be the best that you can be, and if that goal is changing the world, than making the biggest and best changes you can make, unfortunately at some point in the process there will be expenses, not everyone shares the same vision. No one wants to work for free. I think some people would but the reality of it is being broke and homeless just doesn’t sound appealing when there is an alternative and there is work being done to achieve the alternative.
    The way the world works is the people who work hard make a living, no matter what you are doing: building houses, studying medicine, or even blogging. Ask any billionaire and they will tell you, they aren’t smarter or luckier than anyone else, they just work harder.
    Some people invest all of the money for their blog out of their pocket, I like you, don’t/didn’t have that option, I needed for the blog to generate it’s own income to pay for it’s own expenses and to this day where income and expenses are at levels I could have never imagined, I am still growing and can see where I will still need more to let it grow further.
    I think when I talk about my journey and part of it is the income and expenses, I think the journey part of the message gets lost, I think you might be better at conveying it than I am because for me it has NEVER been about the money for me, I had a great job before I became a full time blogger, it’s about building and growing a business which has changed lives.
    I like where you are going with this and it makes perfect sense, of course anything I can do to help.

    1. Mitch, thank you so much for your comment, and your support. It is definitely inspiring to see what you’ve accomplished. Yes, it’s all about working hard and I do intend to do just that.

      In terms of making money, yes I agree that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. That’s what businesses do. If they don’t, they cease to exist. I don’t plan for that ever to happen and I want to be able to continue empowering others. I want to build an organization that makes it possible for people to support their families. Where that’s concern, our values are very similar.

      Anyways bro. It’s been great being on this journey with you from day one when we had no idea what blogs were, lol. Look how far we’ve come 🙂

  2. This is one of your best podcast. I love when you talk about being in a convention that inspires other bloggers. I know we need money and brokenness is never appealing, but I love that our focus should be to add positivity into the world. I have to confess that for a while I thought you were starting to be just like all the other bloggers out there,…. so I had taken off… but this is what attracted me to you in the first place, the fact that you are genuine and spiritual. It is a very strong attribute and please don’t change.
    I will come to your convention when you have one. God is calling you to lead in that direction.

    1. Thanks for your comment Joyce. I’d like to ask you what made you thought that I was starting to be just like all the other bloggers out there? I’d love to get your feedback on that. Glad to have you back on board.

  3. Charity begins at home and Leslie I love how you and your wife are on the same page and your vision is huge and so-doable. GO! GO! GO! And am happy to offer early morning yoga/meditation classes for participants at your first Convention…brilliant vibes. Keep sharing, growing and loving. Thank you

    1. long is a piece of string… It will happen..looking forward to the blessings. Stay healthy. OM

  4. Leslie you are on to something. One of my dreams is to be able to work from home and have a business fund my family’s ministry. Here’s some validation: If you had a conference like you described, I would be there (if at all possible!) Plus, I live in Ohio so is be close 🙂

  5. Leslie, this episode is something that I am so passionate about. Many in the Christian world have turned their backs on prosperity and I think this is wrong. I firmly believe that we can accomplish so much more if we are willing to do the hard work that allows us to prosper and then use that prosperity to change lives. I really think that you are on the right track with this dream. It is my goal that all of my readers catch this vision as well. As I say on my blog to change this world we need prosperity in affluence and/or influence. Cool stuff.

    I noticed that you mentioned that this is a far off dream … I would like to say that yes some of the things you mentioned will be long term but there is a lot you can accomplish now. As you know I live right down the road from you and we have been having students over to our house for more than 5 years now. For a few years we had them over every single weekend. Recently we have had to cut back because we just had our second child.

    Up until last year there were times when we would have over 70 students in our home (yes I did say 70) at one time! We had to open the doors to the house because the air-condition could not keep up. And they just sat everywhere … including the floor. Actually if you got a seat you were one of the lucky few. Did I mention that we were feeding them….? We were even asked by the University if we wanted to make our gathering a chapel choice. Lol. Unfortunately it was not a good time for us as my wife was pregnant at the time as we were thinking of cutting back during this time.

    Why am I saying this? Because many times we think we need to start only when we have something big, but these kids are really searching for somewhere to belong and if you show them that they will flock to you. there are some challenges that presented themselves as our numbers increased but I do believe that we still make a difference in the activities that we engaged in. I wish you the best on this and if you need something let me know.

    1. I agree with you 100% Vincent. Yes, some are long term goals, but some can start now and that’s exactly what we plan on doing. 70 people can’t fit in our little apartment, but we can start with much fewer. I definitely don’t think you need a mansion for people to come over and feel at home.

      Glad to hear that you guys are doing your thing. That’s awesome. Once things slow down here a little we’ll be doing the same thing. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. No need to apologize Mary.

    Thank you for your comment, support and encouragement. I can’t say I know exactly what the future will hold, but I look forward to seeing how it all comes together.

    In terms of the iTunes review, you have to have iTunes installed. If you aren’t familiar with how to do it, just don’t worry about it. Your comment here did enough 🙂

  7. Alina, thank YOU for the encouragement. I definitely understand not knowing how to measure success especially in the beginning. What I would tell you is this – Make great content. Focus on getting it out there. Focus on that because that’s extremely important. As you grow your blog, you will learn what’s important and what isn’t. Keep on moving forward. Keep on learning and keep on taking ACTION!


  8. Hey Leslie, this was a great episode… one of your best. I completely APPRECIATED the off-the-cuff nature of this episode, it was refreshing and obviously from the heart. I was excited to hear what is being placed on your heart about helping young people and having a vision for doing it through your home. I too have had similar dreams lately, but regarding married couples and parents. I’m dreaming of a place in the Colorado mountains (where I live) that I could put on conferences and retreats like none other – once in a lifetime events that have deep and lasting impact on those who come. This episode of the podcast plus a recent one I heard on with Dan Miller have inspired me to begin praying and working toward those things. I truly believe it should happen!

    Having said all that, I’d like to offer this… having similar desires I’d be happy to brainstorm, dream out loud with you and your wife, or connect in any other way you think might be helpful to refine, clarify, or even begin implementing your dreams for this. I believe it’s very worthy of your effort and an even greater way you can impact lives. Blessings to you, your wife, and your little Noah.

  9. Leslie this was fantastic! I appreciate how open you were about how you spent part of your college life. I think what you are doing and planning on doing is awesome. You my friend are a great example of living what you believe and sharing that message through your deeds.
    Keep it up bro!

  10. I am so late on commenting on this. I wanted to comment when you first released it. Your vision is VERY similar to mine. I am actually changing my business/ministry/blog from what I am doing now to fulfill that vision. I was at the moment blogging about the music (hip-hop) industry and Christian hip-hop ministry, which deals with a lot of youth. But I was led by God to take another direction into a subject of Fatherhood, Husbandhood, and Leadership in the home. So I am in the works of putting together a new business, ministry, blogs, podcasts, and videos to go with it. When I actually launch the website from survey and research already done from my other mailing list I will already have a lot of content to post concerning what people already wanted to know or learn from my survey/research. Great podcast!

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