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122 Change The World And Your Life With A Hair Blog – With Cassandre Beccai

By Leslie Samuel

I wasn't going to actually say this, but this interview had me more excited than ANY interview I've ever done in the past. Why?

About a year ago, I got to know Cassandre Beccai and was so inspired by her story and her passion that I knew that we were destined to be together.

No, no – not like that. I'm talking about a business Partnership. Ok, lets rewind a little bit.

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Last year June, I posted about a Case study project that I was working on with Cassandre where we were going to try to take a brand new blog from 0 to 1,000 daily views in 3 months.

I thought it would be an interesting challenge, especially since it was in a niche that I knew nothing about.

Well, I'm glad to report that we not only met that goal, we more than quadrupled it.

Not only that, but a little over a year later, her blog has gotten over 26,174 pageviews in the last month, her youtube channel has 16,300 subscribers and 549,561 video views, and her email list is at 3,407 subscribers.
To make it even more exciting, she went from a negative income selling her products to doing pretty well (but I'll save those exciting details for the actual interview).

It was an interesting journey indeed. In fact, here's a picture of Cassandre in my apartment after we transformed it into a mini video studio.

Inside This Episode


We get into all the details of how we went from me checking out what Cass was doing online to where she is today. We discuss the following in detail:

  • How we decided to start a partnership
  • What the partnership involved
  • The content creation process
  • Tips on how to create awesome videos
  • How Cass got traffic to her blog
  • How the financials are looking
  • MUCH, MUCH MORE . . .

You are going to enjoy this interview. I guarantee it. Cass has an awesome personality and is passionate about helping others embrace their God-given beauty. Her passion shines through on this interview and will leave you inspired. So go ahead and have a listen.

Resources Mentioned


Some people just love being able to read along with interviews, or they might just prefer to skip the audio completely and just read through the transcript. Hey, if that’s what floats your boat, it is all good. Here’s the transcript just for you :)

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About The Podcast

Learning With Leslie

Learning With Leslie is a podcast dedicated to helping you build a business around a blog. No, not one of those blogs that will fall by the wayside when Google has a mood swing, but one that will thrive no matter what gets thrown at it.

I share tips and strategies that I’ve learnt building blogs since 2008 and interview experts who are knowledgable about various aspects of blogging so that we can learn from their experiences.

If you’re a blogger, thinking about becoming a blogger (pun intended) or are not even sure if blogging is right for you, go ahead and tune in to see what this blogging thing is all about.

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  1. What wonderful value! First off, congrats Cassandre… your success is very inspiring and something I sure do look up to. I’m working on getting back into making videos… I guess I strayed from them because I wasn’t seeing the connection and response on my videos that I was hoping for. They seem to be looked over on my blog and get a much smaller response than my other articles or recipes will get. Granted, at the moment, my youtube looks pretty sparse, but it is in the works. I finally put up a video today for the first time in months, and I’m hoping I can build on that.

    What I struggle with the most I guess is that my site,, has about 4-5 times the amount of traffic as Cassandre’s, but I’m making only about a tenth of what she is. I know, I know… stop comparing. But it’s just hard. Seeing that it can be done and just not knowing how or having the time to do it.

    Best of continued success to this partnership!

    1. Holly, thank you so much for your comment. I get excited every time I see what you’re doing because I know it will pay off in the long run. For Cassandre, her audience is VERY targeted. She’s talking about natural hair and selling products for natural hair. The fit is perfect. That’s why she’s able to do so well.

      The key is to find the need and then meet that need. Fortunately for Cassandre, you women are crazy about hair 😉

    1. That’s great Socrates. It good to know when you don’t identify with something and be able to move on. Have a great life and I wish you all the best with the podcasts that you continue to subscribe to.

      Buhbye now!

    2. I left my note deliberately without any reason as to “Why” just to see if you, as a responsible podcaster, you would want to find out the reason and potentially “learn” as you often say that “we are all here to learn.”

      Anyway, your note was very good and you did the best thing to wish me all the best.

      But you could also have learned from it and potentially see if you can possibly improve something or not. Anyway, people unsubscribe for a variety of objective and subjective reasons and we should not beg them to stay, especially if they are not interested. However, on my own podcast, I try to find out why people do what they do so that I can perhaps learn from it. This way if I have made a mistake, as we all do, I am not likely to repeat it again.

      Anyway, all the best to you too Leslie!

    3. You are very correct. It is good to learn from people, and if you choose to share your reason with me, I’d be happy to listen.

      However, I’ll leave that completely up to you. I’m going on hardly any sleep, so when I’m in this kind of state, I just let comments like yours go. If it’s significant enough for me to be concerned, I will hear from people who care to give constructive feedback (and that might be you).

    4. Oh, yeah, that’s my bad – I forgot for a moment that you are a new father and that is indeed a good reason for doing what you did above.

      At any rate, if little Noah gives you a break, try to catch on some sleep.

      We would meet perhaps one day at some blogging or podcasting conference and I may give you a whole list of how this episode rubbed the wrong way to the degree that I couldn’t even finish it.

      But don’t lose your sleep over me. Obviously others disagree and that is what matters. I am not your target audience anyway…

    5. LOL, ahh yes. I remember that. But on a serious note, I’d be happy to hear why this rubbed you the wrong way. If it’s just you not being my target audience that’s perfectly fine and I understand. If it’s something else that I CAN learn from, I’d love to know. I probably won’t respond right now because I’m about to start a hangout, but I’d love to know.

  2. Congratulations Cassandre! I am so excited for you and the growth of your business. What a positive, inspirational episode! And once again, thank you Leslie for sharing your knowledge and uplifting others.

  3. GREAT just what I needed I am in The UK… Run a natural hair care company and was looking for some time inspiration and directions… God is good if you search you will find…



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