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7 Elements of An Effective Sales Page

By Ahmed

Have you tried promoting your very first product only to have no one buy it?

It may not be because the product is bad. You just might not be doing a good job at selling it.

You did a lot of work to create your product. Now, you want to maximize its potential. You want it to help you build your business online.

9_7 Elements of an Effective Sales PageThis post is all about how to market your product with an effective sales page to get the most out of it. So continue reading…

Are you still too shy to be a pushy salesman?

A lot of people, after they create their product, are afraid that if they pitch their readers about their product, they will lose the crowd that they built.

You may need to be afraid, but not that much. No, you don't want to be annoying. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't pitch your product.

You created the product to make money – didn't you?

So, you will need to sell.

Remember, you are exchanging value with your readers. You are giving them a solution to their problem in exchange for some money. You (hopefully) did your best to provide them with the best solution, making everything very clear, easily formatted and so on.

Pushy SalesmanYou are providing your readers the solution that took you a lot of time to find after many mistakes and a lot of time wasted. You provide them all this, so that they can shortcut their way to success.

What’s more, your expert programs should always give ten times the value you receive. Since you are giving more value than you get, there's no need to be uncomfortable selling your product to your audience.

Here's how to market your product:

Marketing is the process of making people know what you offer. You educate your marketplace about your product.

As for whom you market to, here are three options:

1. Your subscriber list

Now is the best time to email people you have gathered using your lead magnet. You may invite them to a launch list so that uninterested subscribers aren't annoyed.

2. Other people's lists

You can align with affiliates, so you can market your product through their list and split the profit.

3. The world

Show your product to the whole world. Advertise through blogs, search engines and social media to reach the audience you want and promote your product. Also, try to test small and track the results.

Your Sales Page

You will do all the marketing to direct your readers to this page, the sales page. This page will contain all the important information and details about your product. It can be short or long, in video or in print.

However, you will need to include the following elements in every page:

#1: The Headline

Try to have a powerful headline that will grab the attention of your readers. Try to get them on to read your sales page to the end.


You can check the Magnetic Headlines ebook by Brian Clark of Copyblogger. You will learn how to create magnetic headlines that convince your readers to keep reading.

#2: The Problem

No problem, no product.

You really need to have a problem that your readers have to be solved.

In this section, you are going to describe the problem. Remember your old days when you didn't have the answer that you struggled to solve it. Try to show your readers that you had the same problem as them.

Don't make them feel that their problem is different. They could take this as an excuse not to buy your product.

So try to describe the problem right and make them feel that you really know their situation.

Here's an example from Scott's Live of your legend Guided-Discovery:

problem example

#3: The Solution

Introduce yourself now to the reader. Give them a brief note about your solution.

Show them how your solution helped you to solve the problem.

Show them that your product is the bridge that passes people from pain to pleasure, from sadness to happiness.

Here's how Scott introduced himself in the same previous example:


#4: Proof

So how is your solution the best out there? How can they know that this is a real solution that can help them?

Now, in this part you are going to show them some case studies, testimonials and FAQ.

Make them sure that your product is the best for them.


#5: Your Offer

Now is the most interesting part. Offer them the product, sales price, bonuses and so on.

This is the most important part in your sales page. Take the time make this section strong.

Here's the offer that Scott offer in the same example above:


#6: Guarantee

Guarantee your product to your readers. Let them know that you are proud of this product and you are sure that this is going to work for them.

If you aren't confident enough to appear in front of your work, then few–if any–will buy your product. And you will lose your credibility.

This is a good example from Danny Iny's Audience Business Masterclass. He is sure that his ideas work, that's why he will give anyone, who tries his program and isn't able to make $3-6K/month within the first year, his money back and an extra 1000$ from his pocket.

You don't need to do the same. Just show to your readers that you're serious about what you offer.


#7: Use true scarcity

A lot of people try to fake their readers and say that the number of seats is limited when they actually aren't.

This isn't a way to do business. If the seats are limited, then show it. If not, then don't say that it's limited.

You can also use it when your product is in the launch phase.

Scott has done this effectively in the launch of his product.


Last Words:

In summary, you need to market your products to your targeted audience who either could be:

  1. Your list. Email them and make them now about it. Hopefully, they're engaged enough to buy it.
  2. Others' lists. You can partner with others and align with affiliates to promote your product.
  3. The world. You try after that to get the attention of others on the internet.

You'll need to send them all to a sales page that's why you need to craft it effectively to make the decision easier for visitors. Structure it right as I shared above and you're set to go.

I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions that you want to be answered, then please leave your comments. I check every comment.

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  • Nice article! I think subscriber list is very much better than others. The more people know about our product, the more we get publicity and it could be useful for us. You must have known the value of keeping in touch with customers. We should try to make more and more subscriber.

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