I’m Speaking At Blogworld and I have some COOL stuff For YOU!

By Leslie Samuel

Guess what? Guess what? . . . Guessed yet? . . . I'M SPEAKING AT BLOGWORLD. YAYYYYY!

But not just that – because I'm speaking at blogworld, I have some COOL stuff to share with you. Stuff that will blow yo mind! Ok, sorry, I'm getting weird here. It's not my fault, I'm just excited (as you can tell). So go ahead and watch the following video to find out more.

P.s. Make sure to watch all the way to the end. You'll love the ending. Unless you don't like cute little puppy dawgs, lol. You'll see what I mean . . .

So here are the stuff that you need:

You gonna be there? Getting the virtual ticket? Got any questions, comments, or suggestions? You know what to do. Leave em below!
  • Hey Leslie! So excited for you. I know you will be amazing and I’m sure you will have a great time. I live in Vegas so not sure when I will attend but I’m sure it will be soon. I’ve seen some of your material- very cool!  I also like when you shared your faith.

    •  @Mompreneurmogul Thanks for sharing my excitement. Ooo, Vegas. That means that you’ll be very close to the next Blog World in January. I’m going to try to be there for that one too. Who knows – we might see each other there 😉

    •  @Leslie Samuel WOW, this is a fantastic video Leslie! Your enthusiasm is infectious! I know you are going to knock it out of the park with your panel. We are honored to have you joining us as a speaker. I can’t wait to meet you in person.

    •  @blogworld Thanks man. I’m so looking forward to this BlogWorld (especially since it’s my first). I feel like a blogworld virgin, coming to play with the big boys, LOL!
      Looking forward to meeting you there Rick.

  • Thanks for the Info.
    I wish I knew 2 to 3 months in advance- I would have saved for it and gone as well since NY is not far from Ohio. The conference is too close and I’m too broke right now. I look forward to listening to what you have to share. Please tell me such good news 3 months in advance, my work schedule is written in stone and I cannot change it unless I am dead:) That is why I want so badly to succeed in my Blogging business so that I can be flexible and control my time.

    •  @JoyceF I definitely hear you. I’ve been so busy that I just didn’t get around to posting this sooner. That’s part of the reason why I’m going to be doing those video interviews so that you guys can get some of the highlights. 
      If I’m speaking at the next one, I’ll make sure to let you guys know in advance!

    •  @JoyceF Our next one is January in Las Vegas Joyce. I know the flights are cheap 8)

  • I wish I could meet you in person, you are just too fun to listen to! I don’t have the money to be there in person, or virtually, so I’m looking forward to the information you will give us on BAB 2.0.

  • Hey Leslie, 
    Congratz on the opportunity – that is a great achievement.
    All the best with the Panel Discussion.
    I look forward to following it on BAB.
    – Rory

  • Hi Leslie
    Thank you for that video.  wow! I didn’t even know there was a conference for blogging! How cool! I would really love to be there and meet you in person however I’m just not going to make it this time.  I will make it one of my top priorities to be there next year (hopefully you will be speaking again!) well dont for the opportinity by the way.  I agree with Lucyann – you are great fun to listen to 🙂  I still haven’t quite started my blog yet (still at research stage, and feeling a bit overwhelmed but I’ll get my behind into gear very soon!) 
    do let us know if you’re coming to England at amy time!
    sending you a big hug
    Wendy x

    •  @wendy turner Hi Wendy, thanks for the encouragement. Yes, there is a conference for blogging and I keep hearing about how awesome it is. So I’m thrilled to be able to speak. 
      Ooo, England. I do need to visit there sometime 🙂

    •  @wendy turner Well about 6 years ago I wanted to go to the conference for blogging podcasting and web TV and it didn’t exist so we started it 8)

    •  @blogworld good for you! I look forward to coming along next year 🙂

    •  @wendy turner Thanks Wendy. It really is a blast! Just imagine 3,000 + people like you, me and Leslie. It is so much fun and so interesting. I know I’m biased but like Leslie I am just another blogger who now has his dream job.

    •  @blogworld and I’m right at the beginning of my dream job.  Scary and daunting but also exciting! 🙂

    •  @blogworld  @wendy turner That’s the kind of thinking I like to hear. “It didn’t exist, so we started it”. That’s what I’m talkin bout!

  • This is very exciting Leslie! So glad you can represent Become A Blogger at Blog World Expo – it’s one AWESOME event! I spoke there last year and it was just a brilliant experience!

    •  @Charlie Rawlins Hey, it’s all good Charlie. Would love to get to meet all you guys too. You never know – We might have a “Become A Blogger Conference” in the future. Hmm . . . that sounds interesting. First time I’ve even thought about it was as I typed it into this comment. Maybe it’s a sign . . .

  • Thanks Blogworld.
    I will plan for Las Vegas. It will be a good change from the Snow in Ohio at that time.
    Remind us in October to buy the tickets:)

    •  @JoyceF I’m not sure if I’ll be speaking at the one in Las Vegas, but if I am, I will DEFINITELY let you guys know way in advance. I’m also thinking about trying to do a Meetup for the BAB community if that’s the case. We’ll see how it works out.

  • Hey Leslie,
    Would love to meet you at BlogWorld. But it’ll be more like the Jan. 2013 in Vegas BlogWorld. I’ll be more on a roll with my new blog by then and much closer for me. (San Diego)
    Hey, what’s with the exit video you have going on here Leslie? It kind of looks like an Animoto video with a different style to it. I went to the Splasheo web site and it isn’t even open yet…So what’s up?

    •  @MikeSullivan I’m strongly considering Vegas. We’ll see how things go. If I’m invited to speak, I’m DEFINITELY going. Will let you guys know.
      The outro of the video was done by Splasheo. However, they aren’t open to the public as yet. They gave me special early access 😉

    • Hopefully you’ll tells us more about Splasho in the near future. 😉

    •  @MikeSullivan Small World. Mike. I was in Carlsbad until December. Now I am in La Mesa. I come up there from time to time.

    •  @blogworld I didn’t know you moved (not sure why I would, I’m not stalking you!) but I’m in La Mesa/Mt Helix area too. Big country, small world.

  • [..YouTube..] This is very exciting Leslie! So glad you can represent Become A Blogger at Blog World Expo – it’s one AWESOME event! I spoke there last year and it was just a brilliant experience!

    •  @Wayne Label  Hi Wayne, I’m actually not in San Diego. I live in Michigan. I’ve only ever been to Cali once, but I have friends that keep inviting me there, so I need to visit sometime.

  • Sounds great and I wish I could be there.
    Also even the Virtual Tickets are a bit out of range for me right now – But I am sure you will be sharing a bunch of cool stuff.

    •  @Robski I will definitely be sharing cool stuff, so stay tuned. Definitely understand not being able to swing it right now, and it’s all good. Keep on moving forward and you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish!

  • Leslie,
    You are the best! Thanks so much for teaching with so much enthusiasm and joy. I have learned so much from Become a Blogger 2.0. Not enough revenue (yet) to pay for a ticket to blogworld, maybe next year. You will knock it out of the park for sure. Much aloha, Teri

  • Way to go,Leslie! Would love to hear all that you present @ Blogworld from Also the many interviews with fellow bloggers. Lots to learn and get excited at the value presented.
    All the best, Leslie!

    •  @ Esther SS Thanks for the support Esther.
      There will definitely be lots to learn and get EXCITED about, and we all know how much I love to do exactly that 😉

  • Leslie, your sincerity comes through in all you do, you will be successful at the university and at Blogworld. Can’t make it, but will continue to see you/hear you at BAB2.0.  
    All the best!

  • And I can’t wait to be there to represent. I should make a BAB shirt or something. YES, I”M DOING IT!

  • Hi!… I really Psyched to see you in person but it sucks to tell you that it couldn’t be, I’m living in the Philippines which is too far from you. I really want to attend the said blogworld because y’know, I really want to indulge my knowledge about blogging. This is sounds challenging to me. Well, thanks Leslie for all the effort of sharing me this information. you’re awesome!… your previous videos really help me a lot to understand about blogging and on how to make a blog. Hope to see you from your coming tip videos on how to become a successful blogger.

  • Congratulations on Speaking at Blog World 🙂 I remember first hearing about your story and thinking… WOW…. Leslie’s gonna be at Blog World 🙂 I’m so inspired….. like, totally.

    •  @Rochelle Hanson I’m excited to share what I’m going to be learning at Blog World and to have bloggers from all over the world share practical tips with you guys. Gonna be AWESOME!

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