Why Do You Blog?

By Leslie Samuel

One of the things that have become glaringly obvious to me over the last few years of blogging – the blogs that I follow have a clear purpose. They don't exist just to exist.

Over the last few years, I've come to ask myself the following question – Why do I blog?

Seriously. My scheduled is packed! Why in the world do I take the time to do all of the things that are necessary to create successful blogs.

Here are my answers:

BlogStandOutFor my Biology Blog – I blog because I believe that biology can be fun. There are so many people who, when they think of biology, think about that thing that they are glad they finished and never have to go through again. This is a shame and I believe it needs to be fixed.

For Become A Blogger – I blog because I believe that individuals have the ability to change the world and a very effective way of doing so today is by blogging. So, I want to teach people HOW to do that so that we can Change The World One Blog At A Time.

So, I have a question for you – WHY DO YOU BLOG?

Why am I asking? I'm actually creating a video for my Become A Blogger premium course to help the members discover their Why, and I want a few examples from real people (like you) as to why you blog.

Yep, this is an opportunity to promote yourself and your blog. So, in the comments below, please do the following:

  • First off, please use your real name. You can use another name if you'd like, but that would automatically exclude you from being selected to be used in the video.
  • Include the URL to your blog, so that I (and everyone else) can check it out.
  • Tell me (and everyone else) WHY you blog. I'm not giving you explicit instructions because I want it to come from your heart.

Once that's done, I will select 3 people who have AWESOME Why's to include in this video. If you are selected, I will contact you and let you know.

I'm looking forward to reading your why 🙂

Thank you so much.

  • My first blog was to rescue a business and to this day it’s my highest earning blog. My second was for a networking / regional group that evolved into local / life commentary. My third blog has topped the Forbes best websites for women for the last three years…. my personal site became so popular that I had to move it to a company name rather than my own name.

    I have to say the last year blogging has become harder and there’s a huge echo chamber with many sites only having the purpose of making money and everything else falling by the wayside 🙁

  • I have been freelance for 22 years (eek) and so have learned a LOT about the world of freelancing. Since I have all this knowledge, I started a blog almost three years to help those freelancers who are just starting up and those who have been freelance for a bit. The tag line is ‘everything you need to know about being freelance’.

    I also use my blog to help raise my profile in social media and to position myself as an expert.

    I am soon going to launch a self-study course and will be promoting that to my list of subscribers to my blog.

  • I’ve had a few blogs/sites in the past, but I love blogging at because it comes straight from the heart.

    Unlike many narrowly focused blogs, on this blog, I simply record events through videos or I create art work or write songs or write essays on any subject that strikes my fancy for that day.

    WHY I BLOG: I blog on this site because it’s a way to record the beauty of my surrounding world. I can do that by painting, drawing, writing about it, taking a photograph or recording a video.

    A couple of artists have told me this blog has already inspired them to blog about their art work. I just want the blog to spark creativity in others.



  • I blog because I want to help people with damaged lives to gain the healing God has for them. As a professional mental health counselor and someone in whom God has done a lot of healing, I want to bring what I have learned and experienced to others.

    I feel like God has invested in my life and I want to glorify him by sharing it with others!

    I blog at A Renewed Life (dot) com.

    • That resonates with me so much Taynya. That’s just a great purpose. God has invested A TON in us and it’s great to be able to share that with others.

  • Why I blog?!

    It is simple – I believe that the 21st century is the moment when humanity will either destroy itself or colonize the universe, either be back to the dark ages or reach utopia, go extinct or conquer death forever.

    The exponential growth of technology in fields such as information technology, computer science, genetics, robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, synthetic biology and others is changing not only our civilization but the very meaning of being human.

    Humanity has never faced greater challenges or bigger opportunities and the only way that our species can survive and prosper is by recognizing the problems, acknowledging the opportunities and bravely embracing change and the unknown while intelligently steering our path into the future.

    I believe that blogging is a vital way to raise awareness of the above issues and promote intelligent discourse on the topic because, ultimately, the outcome of the debate with determine humanity’s fate. That is why I must blog, despite the all the difficulties.

    And so I WILL!

    • Interesting and scientific!

      Brilliant people from NASA (where I lived ate and slept for 10 amazing weeks) to Google (who is footing part of the bill) are either directly working on or supporting all the relevant research.

      This is the future of humanity – to embrace science, conquer the stars and live forever, or remain stuck with religion and go back to the Dark Ages…

    • We can certainly agree to disagree Leslie! But history is history, it is a fact that the period when religion run our civilization is now referred to as the “Dark Ages.” At that time Christianity was swimming in rivers of blood from Europe to Jerusalem…

    • Yep, history is history. However, I’m sure you’d agree that interpretation also adds an interesting dimension. What you refer to as Christianity is not necessarily what I see as Christianity. Religion has definitely brought a lot of problems, and I would not argue that religion is necessary. Christianity, however, in the truest sense of the word, is something TOTALLY different.

  • Here is my website can help business owners grow

    My website has a single purpose. To help you develop inspiring business habits that will help business owners beyond their wildest dreams.


    We are the sum of our habits. Habits can be defined as a simple automatic decision making process. We have no control over the results we produce. But we have full control over the ‘action’ we take. Our actions are governed by our habits. Good habits lead to better, inspiring actions. In return these actions will lead us to success in life and business.

    In the last 12 years of coaching clients one to one, I can distil down their success to just one attribute. Habits: to be precise success habits. When my clients establish success habits – success in their business follows. All the strategies, tactics and tools are secondary to success habits. Without success habits, every little success becomes temporary.

    Duke University (2006) research suggests that 40% of our daily actions we perform are not ‘decisions’ – but habits. Then why not form better habits?

    How will this website help a business owner?

    Weekly: Every Tuesday my valued subscribers will receive thought provoking and habit changing emails (cutting edge psychological techniques, intellectual frameworks, research backed studies and case studies) sent to their inbox. They may not necessarily refer to specific habits. They are designed restructure their mindset, making them more susceptible to better habits. It will open up their receptors, nurturing their mind in new ways; there is much truth in the saying, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” For an example if they are proud of their multitasking skills, a researched backed email may open their eyes to why multi-tasking actually kills productivity. As a result they may want to consider different productive habits.

    End of month nudge: In addition to my weekly newsletters at the end of every month they will receive a gentle “end of month nudge” to prompt them to review the month to make the most out of everything they do.

    Exciting Interviews: There’s probably one thing we can agree on: The people around you dictate your success. There is no faster, more effective way to fill the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be than having the right passionate and supportive people in your corner. With this in mind, I will be interviewing successful people across a wide range of disciplines to bring you their success habits!

    All this for FREE!

  • I write about science, superstition and communication in order to promote a rational view of the world. I try hard to look at the history of science, religion and propaganda and pinpoint repetitive patterns that can help people avoid superstition-based behavior. I add mind maps and videos as often as I can, so that ideas are better understood. I blog every article first in Spanish and later in English and I’ve been blogging for nearly two years.

  • Hello Leslie,

    First of all before I started blogging,I thought about what can i share with people out there that will make a difference. So what i did was i followed your videos on how to create a blog from scratch.

    The reason why I blog is simply because, I want to learn many other means of creating some activities on the internet apart from a normal and basic ways of connection with people.

    Another reason why I enjoy blogging is because I can easily connect with people opinion about the information that I’m giving them on how to becoming adventure, this make me have fun.

    Blogging is beyond making capital online even though I wouldn’t mind in the feature if God want:) . But for me, seeing people enjoying the information am giving them and understanding every content, is enough reason for me to blog.

    • I’m so glad to hear that you were able to start your blog based on the training I have here. That’s just awesome. Yes, blogging is a GREAT way to connect with people. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I Love it 🙂

  • I blog because I love it. I blog because I get so worked up over something and I feel the need to rant. I blog because it helps my professional credibility (except when I rant and it possibly undermines it). I blog because it strokes my ego when I see that I have over 15,000 views of a controversial piece, or sometimes what I think is a mundane piece. I blog because I have no other choice than to blog.

    Adam Sheck

    My personal blogsites:

    guest blogs at

    • I was just about to say that you sound Passionate about what you do, then I saw the name of your blog – The Passion Doctor. That explained it all 😉

    • Well said doctor! I love a good rant.

      I’ve been blogging in one form or another for about 3 years now, and I just can’t seem to quit despite telling myself I should from time to time. 🙂

      Love the message of your site!


  • Blogging gives you a voice. I started a blog for my church because I noticed that we were not living our vision. (Every Member a Minister). In my country, most churches just have websites that look like advertisement boards. People don’t understand what they stand for. Our church blog is giving us a voice, members who are in different regions can connect to us through our blogs.

    I blog because i know that i can speak to people in my own way and style, in different formats.

  • Hi Leslie! Why do I blog? Let me put it this way: People around the world are unhappy and unsatisfied without any apparent reason. Even without suffering some kind of illness or endure a tragedy, people are unhappy. I believe that the reason is this:

    Through the news and the media, we have being taught to believe that the world is a dull place where everything is known and predictable, and the only exciting things are murder, violence and gossip. “It’s always the same,” we tend to think by default, when in fact we know that the opposite is true: the world is an amazing place filled with beauty and mystery.

    This fallacy is affecting people negatively, preventing them from seeing reality as it actually is. This is wrong and has to be change. How? I believe through activating the natural explorer we all have within. I am a professional explorer – in fact, I’ve been working among mangroves for more than 16 years now – and Frugal Science (my blog) is about helping you activate the explorer in you.

  • I blog to record our life on our family farm and have a written heritage for future generations. Farm life is like no other occupation. We live where we work and work where we live. This is especially true with caring for livestock. I blog to keep a written history of all the events that occur on the farm for our grandchildren to read and witness how life was like.
    I believe every farmer should be blogging for multiple reasons but the biggest is for future generations.

    I feel so strongly about it that I created a website that helps farmers learn to become bloggers themselves. I have also made presentations at conferences on the topic.

    • I tell you this – if there were more people living a farm life, we’d have a much healthier world. Awesome stuff. Keep sharing the goodness.

  • My why: Having involved with coaching for many years I wanted to create a resource that brought together coaching knowledge, resources, tools, skills, ideas and inspirations so that word about the benefits of coaching could be spread worldwide.

  • The original purpose of my blog at was to promote my business of selling crafts & jewelry from impoverished communities and inspire people to change the world. But since then, my why has been changing.

    I blog because I want to see lives changed. I have had opportunities to serve the poor and desperate in over 20 countries. The poverty and hopelessness is unacceptable. My heart broke seeing children beg for food, wearing rags, and knowing many of them lived in the streets. This has to change, and I have to be a part of that change. My blog is a place to share stories of organizations and people who are changing lives, educating people about the unacceptable realities happening around the world, and my mission to help create sustainable livelihoods by creating a marketplace for impoverished families to sell their handcrafted items and in turn feed their families.

    I blog because I believe in making the world a better place by doing my part in eliminating poverty and spreading hope.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • It’s interesting how our why’s can change over time. I know that mine has evolved significantly and will continue to evolve as time goes on. It’s great to be aware of this process. Keep it up!

  • Hi Lesley, I started my blog, Mum’s Days, in January 2012 when I was 10 weeks pregnant and suddenly jobless! I admit that I started it as a way of earning money, and while that’s a slow process, I have since found that I love writing!

    During pregnancy and especially in the early days with a newborn it is overwhelming, amazing, lonely and flipping exhausting. I blog to hopefully reach those people, who like I was, are reading the internet in the small hours when the rest of the world is sleeping. I want to remind them they are not alone (they are most probably looking for advice about sleeping through the night, much as I was!)…and hopefully make them smile about the stupid things I’ve done along the way!

    • Ahh man, I hear you. My wife and I just had our first child back in November and it has completely transformed our lives. Pregnancy was definitely an interesting process (especially for my wife of course), and I think you can reach a lot of people with your blog.

  • I blog because it keep me focus and I see the progress in the subject I blog about. It´s like a diary for me. My goal is to fine tune my subject and create the best reciepts to use for me and for others to do the same. This subject really can change so many lifes to stay healthier and live longer so I´m really excited to keep it on track.

  • Leslie, I am 62 years old and I have lost a mother, a father and in the past 3 months, a brother to cancer. Also, I am about the age that each of them was, when diagnosed with the disease.

    I am on no medications, I don’t have high blood pressure, no diabetes and I am certain I owe this to learning what to and what not eat and to get plenty of exercise, just by simply walking. I owe it to a lifestyle change.

    his has been and is still working. It’s giving me a long and healthy life. I want to share this through my blog. I want to share what I’m doing with other people my age. I want them to know the energy, the joy and most of all, what to do to have the health that I am experiencing.

    I am struggling with writing the content, and maybe even lacking a little confidence. nevertheless, having followed your blog for over a year now, I would be honored and would consider it a privilege if you would teach me how to successfully do this and make a little money at the same time.

    I appreciate your integrity, your love and comittment to your family and your love for our Lord. Now sir, with that said, How would you recommend we proceed?

    What about purchasing your “Premium Course”?

    Respectfully submitted,

    James Mosley

    • Wow James – that’s a powerful story and I definitely think you can help lots of people. You should definitely work on building that. Cancer is something that affects so many people. My family is dealing with it right now and it’s no fun.

      In terms of how to proceed and whether you should purchase my premium course – I definitely think it’s a good option, especially if you’re looking for guidance in helping to build your blog. If you have questions about it don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Hi Leslie, I am following your blog and I want participate but one my problems is I am going to start placing The blogs as of first of may. But my problem is I write in dutch. But I still want to learn The Tricks from you. Although I don’t know you ,the way you write gives me an energy of trust.
    I am a Allergytherapist and I have been training people all over the world.
    But now with the internet it is so much easier to share my experience and knowledge.
    I want to help people to live a healthier life by teaching them to overcome the pittfalls of our lifestyle.
    It is information you can use in your every day life, based upon scientific knowledge, holistic thinking and common sense.

    So my blogs will be semi-medical and I will also advise which products people can use to maintain there optimum health.
    But thanks for the motivating blogs



    • Hi Wim,

      It’s absolutely not a problem that you are Dutch. My recommendation would be to blog in Dutch. You’d be surprised at how well that can go. Don’t let language stop you. In many ways, it’s easier to start a blog in Dutch, because there’s less competition than if you were to do it in English.

  • A typical winter night in my home town of Justice Illinois. It is snowing outside, the fireplace is crackling I am playing in the living room. Although I am just five years old I know enough to figure out tonight is a little different from the typical Sunday night in our home.

    My father and mother are sitting in the kitchen with a stranger. As the man came in our front door my father made sure I was standing straight and introduced me to Mr. Goeken. Quickly my sister and I were dismissed as the adults went to the kitchen to drink coffee (yuck) and talk about something important. That conversation went on for a couple of hours and at the end I was too busy watching Bonanza to pay much attention as the man left our home.

    What I was to find out latter was Mr. Goeken was John D. Goeken and he was in our home to talk to my parents about investing in his company Microwave Communications Inc. He had a plan to set up microwave repeater towers between Chicago and St. Louis. He wanted to sell more radios to truckers and thought this would be the way to accomplish that.

    This man going to friends of friends, selling this idea eventually turned into MCI. My parents did invest in the company but I can remember them talking about how hard it must be for Mr. Goeken spending all this time going around trying to find investors for such a great idea.

    I was reminded of this memory when I came across Kickstarter in 2009. Here was a vehicle that let inventors, artists and designers get funding to create amazing projects. If Mr. Goeken was alive today and starting MCI he would have used Crowd Funding like Kickstarter to get it going instead of going house to house on Sunday’s.

    The moment I put this connection together in my mind I realized there were stories to be told, and lessons to be learned by people putting themselves out there with their lives passion on Kickstarter. I also realized there were others out there that could be inspired to embrace their dream and fund a great project.

    I took my friend Leslie’s advise and decided to change the world with a Blog. Today the Roaming startup interviews people who have launched a project on Kickstarter and experts who can help folks create their own project.

    A couple of months ago one of our guest wrote an email thanking us for helping their dream (a book) become a reality. We changed the world! I can’t imagine us not wanting to continue.

    • Robert,

      I’m SO GLAD that you shared that story. I mean, I had an idea of what you were doing and why, but this really brings it to life for me.

      LOVE it. This is why you will be successful!

  • Why Do I Blog?

    I preface this by saying I hesitate to say I’m actually blogging yet. At best, I am a novice blogger with big goals!

    Several years ago I was bitten by the blogging bug. Certain I could do this, I researched with the intention of a blog to inspire interesting communication with other over-50 women, about all the topics that interested me, but primarily about aging well. I bought a domain and began Suffice it to say my goals were bigger than my commitment, and today the blog is sitting there doing nothing. I designed it to be too big, to have too many categories, and I did not come anywhere close to spending the time and making the efforts necessary to develop a successful blog.

    Fast forward to today, or actually this past weekend; my friend Linda and I FINALLY published our blog, This blog has the same basic theme as my first, appealing to over-50 women about issues of healthy aging. The difference is I have a partner, and we are holding each other accountable, setting mutual goals, and operating under the assumption that two heads are better than one. We are novices we know, but we plan to succeed where we know so many others have failed. To do this we plan to absorb all the knowledge about blogging that we can, and follow the wonderful advice of successful bloggers such as you Leslie! But we also plan to do this at a level that makes sense for two busy mothers and wives, both of whom still work full-time jobs elsewhere.

    Why do we blog?
    • to stay young as we challenge ourselves to stay on top of technology;
    • to communicate with a vast number of like-minded women about healthy aging;
    • to keep ourselves busy with a portable and meaningful business as we approach the “golden” phase of life;
    • and to contribute to our community through philanthropic activities.

    Leslie, if you’re looking for bloggers with an actual name NOW, that would count us out at this time. But please keep us in mind for future. Thanks for listening!

    Tess Mickelsen

  • Hi!

    At the age of 38 years, when my oldest daughter was 2 years old and my youngest only 2 weeks old, I suffered a stroke that left me and my family broken for a long time.

    I had to deal with symptoms of sickness, disorientation, being unable to walk or talk and forgetting how to do simple things, like reading, writing and remembering people’s names. The worst thing, and the thing that haunts me everyday, is I couldn’t even remember the name of my 2-week-old baby.

    I’ve always loved to write and thankfully it became the key to my recovery as it helped my brain to heal. So I decided to write about things that made me feel good and inspired… like family adventures, childhood innocence, outdoor life, foraging in the wild, surfing, cool camping and glamping (glamorous camping).

    This is when I started my first project: writing a children’s adventure story calle:

    Beach Potato.

    Then after independently publishing the book I decided to focus on one of my other passions and set up my first website:

    Inspired Camping.

    I really believe that if something inspires you enough to make your head fizz and your heart pound then you should definitely share it and spread the love. It’s good for you and it’s good for those around you.

    Howard Thurman put it so perfectly when he said…

    “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

    So for the sake of my health and still being around my family in the years to come, that’s what I’ve done and that’s why I’m here.

    Thanks for reading.

    Sunny smiles. Sarah

    • Sarah, your comment inspired me. I’m so glad I asked this question, because I get to meet awesome people like you and to find out why you do what you do. Keep going. I’m glad you got a partner. You guys should really push to keep it going.

  • I blog mainly to help people who are transitioning into leadership and to help people who are new to leadership. I want to give them practical advise that will help them to be successful in leadership.

    This not only applies to work and business but in their personal lives as well.

  • I started just a few days ago because i wanted to show people my talent, do you ever get that feeling that your really good at something but have no way to show others well that’s what i had and i thought to myself why not create a blog and share the talent you have with anyone and everyone that wants to see it.

    That’s my WHY in ‘why do you blog?’ so if your like me and have a talent thats going unnoticed then get yourself blogging!

  • Hi Leslie,

    This is a great idea of yours.

    My blog is called “Enjoy Life” and I initially started it with the idea of it being a hobby centre, where people could find different ideas for hobbies, crafts, book reviews and games.

    But then it kind of grew into something different, it became an all-encompassing story of Enjoying Life. I now blog about all the things that affect how I enjoy my life; hiking, holidays away, health issues, spiritual issues, financial issues, having fun outdoors and indoors in all different ways.

    It basically became a blog to be an example of how to enjoy life positively without having to be a millionaire.

    Blogging is something that I spend a lot of time on (I run 7 blogs), but it never feels like a tedious job, as I am mainly writing about all the enjoyable things which I spend my days doing.

    ~ Rory

  • I started my blog simply because I love the printed word. I have been a book lover since early childhood. There are two things I’ve done pretty consistently throughout my life: Reading and writing. Reading gives me the ability to get inside someone’s head and learn something. Writing gives me the opportunity to express myself and perhaps help someone in the process.

  • Hi Leslie,

    I started blogging in April 2011. I wanted to use a platform to inspire, motivate, educate and inspire women. I dived in at the deep end without a clue about how to run a blog. I set it up and spent countless hours in front of the computer trying to get it right. Believe me, lots of trial and errors went into just putting the theme together. After that I poured out my heart into writing lots of articles.

    This blog became my baby. I dedicated all my spare moments to it. It’s been nearly two years. It’s not perfect but I’ve written some posts that I believe have benefited other women. To be honest, I haven’t updated it as much as I should lately. That’s because of work and also because I started another blog. But most importantly, I’m in the process of embarking on a new path as a freelance copywriter.

    Thanks for this opportunity to share a bit about my blog. 🙂

  • I blog because I am passionate about reading and teaching others to read. My motivation is to share my teaching experience with parents and teachers so every child will receive the gift of reading. I love what I do because reading enhances lives.
    Many children throughout the world have benefited from my free lessons and eBook I give away on my blog. I will continue to blog to present great education ideas to my readers.
    Blogging also keeps me aware of new ideas and resources both for myself and others. It also opens me up to sharing myself with others.

    • Such an important topic Marilyn. As a teacher, I’ve been exposed to so many students who’s reading level was not where it should be. Cheers to you for trying to fix that.

  • I blog because so many people seem so unhappy and so lost, and they don’t have to be.

    I blog to help people learn how to deliberately shape the way they think and feel by changing the way they view the events of their lives.

    I blog because happiness is about taking responsibility our own lives; it’s about choosing to think positively and reach for the better feeling thoughts. My blog is dedicated to increasing our understanding of how we can make this choice, and to providing resources and support to all who decide that they, too, can and will change their vibe and choose a better, more joyful life for themselves.

    I blog because a friend sent me a note that said I was changing lives with my words, even if I couldn’t see it yet. She told me I would move mountains, and help others to do the same.

    • Thanks Leslie — I’ve been a busy girl since we last chatted! 🙂 I’m still working on my free resource items for my list sign up (hoping to have them done this weekend). I’ve also got several videos in the works, and a book! Also, my RSS subscribers are growing fast, my site views are increasing, and my Facebook likes are almost at 1200 (sooo close)… and I only launched at the end of February! I’ve also done one guest post for someone else’s blog, and will be doing one on another site in the near future. It’s really going well, and I’m so excited! 🙂