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105 Update: How I’m Changing My Focus And What It Means For You

By Leslie Samuel

Over the last few months, I've been struggling with a few things. The main question I've been asking myself is “Why do I do what I do?”.

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Yes, we all know the typical answers we give. My answers are:

  • ChangeI LOVE to teach
  • I want to help people
  • I want to Create Content that Inspires Others and Change The World.
  • I want to equip people like YOU to do BIG things!

And if those truly are my answers, they will dictate every action I take.

Well, in this podcast episode, I talk about how I'm changing what I do to be able to accomplish more. I talk about my change in focus and my change in concept and I go into all the details.

Rather than explain those details in these show notes, I'm going to stop here. Why? Because I REALLY want you to LISTEN to it. Only then can you FULLY understand where I'm coming from.

So go ahead and have a listen, then leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on the changes I'm making.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Some people prefer to read along with the podcast episode. Others actually prefer to read than listen. If you are one of those people, not to worry. I’ve got a transcript right here for you 🙂

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  1. I was just getting ready to comment that some people don’t like to listen, but prefer to read.. when Voila! I noticed your transcript!

    Thank you.

    Yes, as we grow and learn,, sometimes our direction shifts.

    Sounds like an exciting time for you.. and I wish you all the best.

    ~darlene 🙂

    1. You are very much welcome. Yep, I try to cater to different preferences, which is why I make the transcript available for my podcast.

      It’s an exciting time indeed. Thanks for the best wishes 🙂

  2. Wow Leslie, this is AWESOME–Love the passion!!! It’s jumping through the screen and made my heart leap (speaking friendly). Enthusiasm is the child of passion and speaks to “God within.” I believe that is the element that speaks to our individual uniqueness and the escalator toward the path of doing BIG things…where we are truly dynamic!

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. When we’re enthusiastic about something, we are able to do great things, and I’m EXCITED about the changes that I’m making.

  3. THis is really exciting and so much more relevant than learning from someone whose main product is selling to people who want to make money online. The vast majority start a blog because it’s about something they love, if they work hard and create their own breaks, they become something bigger.
    Personally I have been at this over 4 years, I have had reasonable success doing it, but I can’t name 10 of the top “Bloggers”. The reason why is I don’t have a lot of time and nor do I care because once my blog has been established and off the ground, there is little they can offer me because they deal with such a limited audience there is no way they can ever reach the level where they encounter the issues that face the really large blogs, as in blogs with over a million visitors a month.
    When blogs that cater to the general public and large segments of the mainstream population grow terms like Comscore, Net Ratings ,Ad agencies, and many more are the norm while most of the Bloggers are still talking about auto responders and shared hosting accounts looking for an affiliate commission which don’t even scratch the surface of the tools you need to go forward.
    Hats off to you Leslie for this endeavor, something that is long overdue in the blogging community, and something which will make this site, Become a “Real” Blogger. So while you might not be in the club any longer, you will find that the rewards are far beyond that in every other area.
    I am a big believer in learning how to do things right but I am also a big believer that part of the learning process is getting the product on the web and making adjustments and while these answers aren’t going to be the same for everyone, the situations will be familiar. I would certainly like to get involved in this in some way as aside from what I do at my little site, I am truly passionate about this part of blogging.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement bro, and I appreciate your support. I also agree that it’s long overdue. I like that Become a “Real” Blogger statement. That’s what it’s all about – not that internet marketty mumbo jumbo 😉

  4. I’ve mentioned this before, but I think whenever you’ve reached a point that others haven’t, or have achieved a certain level of accomplishments that others haven’t (yet) it definitely puts you in a different class. They can’t help but put you on a pedestal, but the key is being able to still keep into perspective that the person is just a person who was able to get there first, and now they’re someone to learn from.

    Thrift Diving

    1. I agree with you and fully understand. Yet, it’s still something I’m uncomfortable with. Not saying whether it’s right/wrong, but I don’t like it. That being said, I guess it’s just one of those things I’m gonna have to “deal with”.

  5. Hello Samuel! I think it is great what you are doing with the change of focus. I am in the boat that I want to do great things with my blog to change the world of home interior design. However, I lack money to really take the necessary step to make the big waves I want to. I am looking forward to continuing listen to the podcast and learning what you are doing to improve your blogs. I am sure your content will help me continue making changes on my blog and life that will help me change the world and my life. From one Michigander to another I wish you luck on this change.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you are passionate about doing great things with your blog, even when there’s not a lot of funding available. It’s STILL possible to do great things. Btw, where in Michigan are you?

    2. I live in Grand Rapids. Born and raised in Grand Rapids. However, I recently moved back to Grand Rapids after living in Florida for the past 4 years. If you are either in the Grand Rapids area I would love to meet up. Your passion helps me stay motivated.

    3. Oh Sweet. I pass through GR every so often. I wonder how many other people in the Become a Blogger community live in Grand Rapids. We should do a meetup sometime 🙂

    4. That would be awesome! If not Grand Rapids, maybe Lansing because it is centrally located. How can we get a meetup set up. I would be willing to help with any arrangements and organization. I just want to meet up with like minded people with similar goals.

    5. I hear you. I can’t think much about it right now, but when I get a chance, I will start looking into it more. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Just a simple get together at a restaurant or someplace else would work.

  6. First off – a huge thank you Leslie! I truly appreciate the shout out and the recognition for my hard work and successes. Like I mentioned in the BAB community, I’ve gotten my wings strapped on, and I’m just waiting on that gust of wind to carry me to such great heights.
    Now for your focuses on the podcast. I agree with you that it’s very weird to me to idolize other bloggers. At the conference I went to last month, there were a couple very popular bloggers and looking at everyone’s recaps, so many people REALLY cared about getting their picture taken with them like they were celebrities. I just view them so differently. Yes, I met them, but I didn’t even think to get my picture taken with them – instead I just took a seat at their table and we chatted for awhile.. because they are NORMAL people!
    I’m really glad you’re focusing more on your biology blog. How can you teach us to be better bloggers if you aren’t being a better blogger yourself?? I know you’re going to do even more great things.
    Leslie, I love your passion for what you do. Your excitement is out of this world and very contagious. And for the record, I do not put you on a pedestal because of your successes or because I think you can do things I can’t. But I do think very highly of you because of the amazing person and friend that you are. You can move mountains man, and I know you will! keep it up!

    Holly Waterfall

    1. You are very much welcome Holly. I mentioned you because you’re rockin it 🙂

      Thanks for your support and your encouragement. I’m glad to be able to be a part of your journey and I look forward to what you are going to do in this world – takin it by storm 😉

  7. You are not “weird”. You have “heart”. There are so many people out there just for the “buck” and power. I’m not going to mention names but I’ve been around a long time and I have been mistreated many times during this “web thing”.

    In fact I started listening to you because you were different. I resonated deeply with your spirit. There is something about the internet marketing world that is so grounded in building reputations, being super competitive with each other. But that’s not what my comment is about.

    I had been working with this web phenomenon for a while and my creativity was blocking because of this ether of arrogance. I know there are many good people such as yourself that mean well. But it is so hard to find these people.

    I’m tired because I have not followed who I really am. I really feel that there are no mistakes. You made this tape this morning for a reason.

    What I want is to help people also(through my topic) but I don’t want “pressure” in my life anymore with something I love. If I wanted that I could just take on another job offline.

    I truly believe that when the “love” goes out of your heart, then what you love will suffer. I too have been called pollyanish (for lack of a better word). But you know: I don’t care. I follow my heart, I follow my “love”. I’m going to do me. Life is too short.

    So Leslie I really hear ya. I felt you were different and special in this internet marketing world. Gosh you really hit what I couldn’t put into words: Everybody is just trying to sell you something. It’s ok to sell but what gets me is that some of these people won’t even respond to you or even acknowledge that they only communicate with the “big dogs”. Well I’m tired of those attitudes.

    I once had a blog and I didn’t know “jack” and you know it was getting 20,000 hits for a newbie. I got involved in all this internet marketing stuff and ended up getting rid of the blog. Now I’m no longer interested in this topic. But my energy and fun started spiraling down.

    I’m going to start trusting my intuition and following those who help me and make me feel good about myself That’s who I want to support.

    So thank you so much for being YOU. DO YOU my friend.

    I found you through biology and I’m so happy. There are so many young people who need inspiration in the sciences and math.

    I can also see you helping other people in the sciences to help people with science.

    You do it my friend. You are going to the top!

    Well another with “heart” is moving on to do what they love. Thank goodness.

    You’re the man. I have so much respect for you. I’ll be back to science because for once in my life I was really loving biology and science. I can watch what you do with your science blog and it will keep me inspired and also help me to learn more about biology.

    Namaste my friend.

    1. Thank you so much Sandy. I appreciate every word you wrote in this comment. Keep caring, keep following your heart, and keep striving for excellence. You can do it, and I’ll be here to watch 🙂

  8. I have been following you since you took over Become-A-Blogger, and every time you have spoken with passion – which you undoubtedly do 😉 – I have learned!

    I like you and like to see you grow too, along with the rest of us. So if you feel you need to open your wings a little more then all power to you! And I look forward to seeing what you do both for your self and the rest of us, too.

    Fly, my friend! I’ll be watching you! And Thanks!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you are learning from what I do here at BAB. That’s the main goal – to help others to be able to do BIG things. Thanks for standing by, watching and TAKING ACTION 🙂

  9. Leslie …

    Back in September I dubbed you “Authentic Man!” While there have been indications here and there that my impression of you is correct, your Blog post this morning affirms my point with Double Gusto! It is so easy to forget the early struggles and birth pains of manifesting something we feel destined to create and share with the world.

    The most powerful point you make in this Blog is one that everybody needs to hear. Those WITHOUT money, resources or connections can still accomplish MUCH when “empowered” by their passion, commitment, vision and faith. We learned that from Steve Jobs, whose personal background is an ongoing tribute to those who believe in the possibility of their Dreams … despite the absence of resources, money and connections.

    Leslie, thank you for Remembering, Refocusing, and Returning to what you’ve already proven WORKS! I’m excited for you and all the BaB Members. We are blessed to have your example of faith, fortitude and fire. As for me – I’ll be watching you and listening with Big Ears in the weeks to come.


    1. Sheila, I’m LOVING the Steve Jobs biography right now. He was an interesting and weird guy, but there’s so much to learn from what he did.

      Yes, I will be refocusing and I’m so blessed to have the support of all of you guys. You guys motivate me to keep going!

  10. Hi Les, I haven’t listened to your potcast yet, but it sure looks good. Anyway I’ll comment again when I have listened. I have a question: On your homepage you have the most recent posts listed under the header the “latest from the blog”. What plug-in do you use to list these posts on your homepage with a pic and short description. I’m planning to change my homepage from showing my latest post to your setup. Can be free or paid plug-in.
    Thanks for your help in advance, Hans

    1. Hi Hans,

      That’s actually not a plugin. Certain themes allow you to do that. I know that Woothemes has a few that allow you to format the home page in a number of different ways. For mine, I actually had my theme custom made so I requested for that to be included.

  11. Leslie, I’m happy for you that you are going to do something that will make you more fulfilled. I know that whatever you do will turn into something wonderful! I’m relieved to know you aren’t dropping BecomeaBlogger…for a minute I was worried you were heading in that direction! This site is one of my favorite and most helpful sources and I’d be lost without it.

    1. Thanks Sheila,

      I definitely couldn’t leave Become A Blogger behind like that. I love it too much. I just have to be a bit more strategic from here on.

  12. Hi Leslie, that’s great.
    At least for me.
    As our sites are similiar – you teach Biology, I Electrical Engineering – I follow your Interactive Biology site from a business perspective. Heaving BAB as a “META-Blog”, which explains how you are proceeding with your Biology Blog is great.

    So, change #1 is wonderful.

    Regarding #2:
    I hope, as you explain your strategic decions for Interactiv Biology, you will also cover advanced stuff, which also might need some investments here and there, and not only free services.

    With BAB you have brought many people to the point, where they earn a couple of hundret dollars/month.

    Going further for them will also need some investments in the right things. So I hope, you will continue to cover this issue, too.


    1. Actually Wolfgang, with what I teach here, I believe you can definitely learn to build a blog that makes a few thousand dollars/month. However, there’s a big gap between a few thousand and 10-20 thousand. That’s what I’m looking to explore next.

      Glad to hear that you think the new direction will be valuable for you. I think it will be too 🙂

  13. Hola Leslie,
    I really enjoyed your podcast today and you raised some important points. In particular I like that you are moving your focus to your biology blog which is a specific niche. I think its easier for bloggers to have success and income blogging about how to be a ‘popular’ and profitable blogger. Not so easy with a small niche to be popular and profitable, as the market is smaller and some of the traditional income options don’t always apply (like my niche, I have a destination blog about the island where I live focusing on travel tips & lifestyle). I would love to know what your stats are with traffic, followers, subscribers revenue etc before you start, how that progresses as you go, and what strategies and tactics have made the difference (to your biology blog). That would appeal to your BAB followers for sure.

    Secondly, I love the idea that you recognise that many of us don’t have any help and are struggling to produce high quality blogs (in content, design, functionality) because we don’t have a lot of spare cash to allocate to it or to outsource. Even though we are commited from the start to producing high quality for both our readers and ourselves. The good news is that there is a constant evolution of what programs, plugins and production tools are available to us for free, if we know about them and how to generate fast & effective results with them. Overwhelm and lack of focus is the biggest problem, we all try to run before we can walk and do too many things at once unsuccessfully.

    Thirdly, I love the idea of growing BAB Premium into a library of how tos for bloggers. Its an awesome product, but for your graduates think there is so much more scope so we become ‘better’ or ‘the best’ bloggers we can be, as Mitch suggests. Im dedicating my first quarter this year to analysing my blog and your posts & podcasts to review what I have and make it better. I would definitely pay for a membership to be a ‘better’ blogger with those how tos and a community that is actively sharing tips and resources. If the price was affordable for most in your community, Im sure others would too. Food for thought.
    I’ve loaded my ipod nano with your podcasts today… so we are going to be spending lots of time together talking blogging this week 😉

    1. Hahaa, I’m looking forward to our time together. I’ve actually spoken A LOT about my Bio blog stats in the past. Check out my transparency reports that I’ve done in the past. I’m considering starting that up again.

      Yes, I do agree that it’s important to even focus on the free things that are out there. There’s so much that can be done for either free or a small amount of cash. Of course, there’s MUCH MORE that could be done with funds, but that shouldn’t be the factor to hold anyone back.

      Thank you so much for your feedback, and I’m looking forward to this journey.

  14. I agree with your plan to refocus on the biology blog. Most bloggers are subject matter experts and are not blogging to make money by selling SEO tactics. Blogging, SEO, and social media are vehicles, tools, and channels to get out our message to audiences. By you blogging, as a subject matter expert, enhances your value to us as we follow and attempt to replicate your strategies and success by blogging about our areas of interest. Bravo!

  15. Thanks Leslie for the Podcast. You are one of the few to trust on the Internet. I look forward to your quality posts now and in the future.
    I have limited money and do everything on my website at nights after work, when I can. It can be lonely until I listen to your podcasts and get inspiration. I look forward to following your work in progress.

  16. Dear Leslie.

    You are amazing!! Everytime I hear you or read something from you, really boost my motivation!!

    Loved you last postcade about changes.

    I think one of your success is that you are REAL, you are actually reachable. You are really changing the world.

    I also wanted to comment you a few things. I am recently doing a Master in Tourism and Hospitality. My love for Social Media due to the amazinf lectures at the Master has brought me to do my final project about it. Actually, I knew from you thanks an Amazing teacher in the master.

    The project consist on helping a hotel in Zambia to improve their Social Media. A part from Facebook and Twitter, I will like to build up a blog for them… looking to the future, not just build it a that is it, but create one that they can easily manage afterwards.

    I am building a personal blog using your amazing podcast. But, do you recomend me to do the same for the company? Do you have specific courses for business blogs that I can use for my project?

    I invite you to give a quick view to the hotel I am doing this Consultancy Project for Is sext to Victoria fall. Incredible!! So much potential…. but they are not aware about the importance of Social Media.

    See? you are really changing the world… you are helping me, and I will help a company..!!

    I hope to hear from you as soon as posssible..

    Many thanks and have a great day

    1. Hi Cristina,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you found motivation in my podcast. That’s just awesome.

      My recommendation would be to only do 1 blog, and to make that blog your own, not for the company. It can, and may, help the company, but it’s better if you have full control. Not only that – it takes A LOT of work to really build a successful blog, and if you are trying to build 2 at the same time, you will be compromising the growth of both.

      Hope that helps in your decision making process.

      All the best!

  17. Hi Leslie,

    I am very impressed with your podcast. I especially liked the latter statements because they are so relevant to me at this time.

    My first comment on your site was that you are the man to stick with and you have confirmed that. Keep up the good work. God bless.

  18. Leslie,
    I admire your choice to prioritize your passion for teaching biology as the vehicle for role modeling how to make money online, rather than banking on the fact that your entry into the online marketing space was timed well enough that enough other people still want to learn the how-to’s of online marketing for marketing’s sake. But it’s an illusion that can’t last forever.

    It reminds me of the 3-way mirrors in dressing rooms that, if you stand just right, show your reflection, repeated infinitely as an illusion. There’s no substance behind any but the first 3 reflections.

    This change feels much more in alignment with how you come across—a role model of substance.

    Thank you for sharing your journey and thoughts.

  19. So that’s what we’re gonna be talking about “TODAAAAYYYYY” lol I can’t believe you do that every time 🙂 I’m here listening to your podcast! Hi 🙂

    1. You know, the first time I realized that I ever said that was when you mentioned it in one of your calls. At that point, I decided that I was going to say it in EVERY episode. So yeah – it’s your fault!

  20. Ou! sorry one more comment. wanted to tell you this 🙂 Got my first real genuine “speakpipe” caller todayyyy 😀 like, not just a random cousin or a friend – an actual real live caller who reads the blog. Cool eh? I’m excited. It’s going in next week’s podcast episode for sure. Ok that’s all. buhbye!

    1. Ok, so I want to let you know that you left FIVE COMMENTS on this ONE POST, lol. You are so Rochelle-ish and I love it.

      Congrats on your first real genuine Speakpipe caller. Many more coming!

  21. Thank you for sharing this change you are making – I agree we need to change to make progress.
    I’m 63 and still change to stay passionate and excited about every day !
    I love the life Julie and I live – because we are not stagnate.

  22. Hello to you Leslie –

    this was a very good Podcast for me to listen to. Truth be told, while my intention has been to build a blog that reflects my experiences of late in order to make others feel less alone, I’ve done very little. These very experiences have made me feel isolated at times and very much alone so I have had little energy to put into the blog that I have started.

    I became a subscriber w/ you because I really liked the ‘feel’ of what you had to say when I 1st stumbled across your website. After listening to this podcast, I must say I’m feeling inspired again especially by your energy. It is really a unique experience to stumble across someone who wants to share information as opposed to using it as bait in order to simply make a profit. This inspires trust in what you have to say… thank you for that.

    I wish you further success in your endeavours and that your new focus brings you as much satisfaction as what you’ve achieved so far. I thank you for giving me a poke via email to listen to this podcast. It has helped fuel the fire that I’ve let diminish these past few months. Thank you for your sharing your enthusiasm… it makes one feel that dreams might really be possible to achieve.


    1. I’m so glad that this podcast episode was able to inspire you. It’s an honor to be able to connect with people in that way.

      Wishing you nothing but the best as you continue on your journey of building your blog and impacting others.

  23. I don’t like the guru thing either. It may be a cultural difference – I’m an Australian. As you come from outside the US too I’m wonder if you feel there are cultural factors.

    When people say, “I’m a person just like you”, I always feel like responding, “Yeah, I know”.

    It is interesting that bloggers don’t talk much about blogging. That is, we are interested in what we blog about, not the means we use to do it so much (blogging).

    1. Interesting question Evan. Yes, I do think that there are cultural factors involved, but I don’t think that’s the only factor. It is an interesting thing to think about though.

      I agree with most of what you said, but I’m definitely one of those people who’s VERY interested in the means we use to do it. I LOVE to talk about blogging, but I’m weird like that 😉

  24. Hi Leslie. A very inspiring podcast. I love your enthusiasm.

    I look forward to your future episodes so I, too, can learn to do bigger things.

  25. Leslie,

    When I read your introduction saying you were going to change your approach, I thought “Oh no, I love what you do, you are one person I can trust.” Of course, I found out that you were just making your blogging more transparent and helpful to us.

    Here is my input. You are a teacher. So am I. I often wish I had the drive to just make money. That would solve a lot of my financial probelms. But we teacher-types are doomed to want to help, and if we don’t we aren’t satisfied. You love Biology. That’s why you are still teaching. You have to do it.

    I have been learninghow to blog for three years now. I hoped I’d be farther along, but I’ve had to do it all myself. I can’t afford to pay anyone else. I’ve spent, and wasted a lot of money, and now ai know that I can never be a marketer, or just sell things through affiliates to make money.

    I want to bring creativity back to learning, to help parents who are disillusioned with the emphasis on testing in school. I may never make big time money, and I hope this sounds right, but that is why I follow you. You don’t push like a marketer. You are genuine. You are someone we can trust.

    So, thank you! I hope to be someone who makes a difference. It is taking time, and I have very few followers, but I will keep on and not give up. Thanks to you!


    1. Aww thanks Lucy.

      There’s one thing I want to point out. I LOVE teaching too and I’m passionate about helping others. However, there’s a fine balance between passion and marketing and if we can do that right, it’s then done in a genuine way that doesn’t conflict with who we are.

      People will pay for value, and if you build it the right way, you’d be surprised at how many people WANT TO pay you back for what you’re doing. So please – don’t think that you can never be a marketer. You CAN do it and be successful at it. You just don’t have to do it how the typical “marketer” does it.

  26. I’ve been reading these posts Leslie and this is quite a group you have here. It’s truly special. Gosh…to meet all these people would be fantastic. You (guys and gals) Rock.

    1. I SOOO AGREE with you Sandy. I think that there’s some kind of get together that’s gonna happen in the future. Whether that’s a meetup, a conference or something else, I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to it 😉

  27. Hey Leslie,
    Good change is good. I appreciate your honesty and frankness. I don’t follow you on your Biology blog, but I do here and I always enjoy your podcasts and posts. Keep up the great work!


  28. Hi Les, Great idea. Yes, it’s good to go to one’s roots once in a while to remind us why we are doing what we are doing (hopefully not mixing these up). I think it’s good to be transparent about your business and what you are planning to do in the future It will always help people. It creates an honest relationship with all your followers and shows that you care.
    At my own blog, I’ve done some changes too. I’ve changed the font type, made the size bigger and line spacing wider. I hope these changes will help to decrease my bounce rate (currently 76%). Two days ago I asked you about the most recent posts option on your home page (latest from the blog). Do you know any wordpress plugin which could do the same thing?
    Another good thing my traffic has gone up to 120 unique visitors per day. I also have identified which posts are doing best on my blog. Now I have taken the same concept and use it in my new posts.
    Looking forward to listen to your episode about meditation.
    So for the better, I support your changes. Met vriendelijke groet, Hans

    1. Hi Hans,

      I definitely understand what you’re trying to do. My bounce rate is currently 68% and one of my goals is to reduce that significantly. Part of that will be done by analyzing my traffic sources, seeing what traffic sources have low bounce rates and focusing on those more. Also, I think building more of a community around that blog will help significantly as it has done here.

      In terms of a plugin to do what you’re trying to do with your home page, I don’t know of any that does that. However, there’s one thing you can do with your current theme or any other theme. In your admin area, if you go to Settings > Reading. You can change it to show more than 1 of your latest posts and then change the settings to show just a summary of your posts instead of the full text. That’s pretty much what my theme does. I think that might decrease your bounce rate a little too because people will be easily able to see more of your posts.

      Hope that helps. Met vriendelijke groet 😉

  29. Very nice podcast, Leslie, I enjoyed it.
    I also get tired of bloggers making money by telling (not showing) others how to make money.
    All the best with your new direction, hope it will bring great fulfilment.

    1. Thank you Rory,

      I definitely hear you about the problem of not showing. Demonstration is the better method and that’s what I plan on doing.

  30. Great work!

    I love your progress and transition. I even appreciate the blue highlights of your blog responses.

    You continue to provide valuable information that has actionable items.

    I too have struggled with that over the last few months. Heck I struggled last night as I talked with a board that didn’t fully understand my approach.

    That said, it good to know others are challenged and overcome those struggles with constant vigilant progressive steps. No steps are perfect, but progress is certainly better than standing still.

    I continue to wish you, your family and this vibrant community success!

    God Bless My Friend

    1. Hey Monty,

      Thanks for the feedback bro. I appreciate it. Yes, we all go through our own challenges. What matters is how we deal with those challenges.

      All the best!

    2. Hey just sang your praises to a young blogger with passion and purpose. They also have a desire to start a botany blog. I told them about your success with the biology blog. They will be reaching out to you here, on twitter or your biology blog. Their name is a Jasmine.

      Again wishing you contributed success. Thank you for your help. And I look forward to continuted collaboration.

  31. Hi Leslie,

    Just listened as I walked the hills in my neighborhood. INSPIRING.

    I truly honor that you are listening to your soul, your intuition in how to move forward in your business and life path. This in and of itself is a lesson for all of us and an important reminder to hear. So thank you for that.

    Your change of focus totally makes sense to me. I hear your heart-felt excitement when you speak about interactive biology. Almost makes me want to come on over… but hey, I did my “time” with biology, anatomy, and physiology! If feels in total alignment that Become A Blogger would serve to support your adventures – learning and teaching in biology-land. And that it will now be even more hands-on and how-to is extremely exciting. You are right.. that is something that is SO helpful to us.

    Point two……….. thank you for your cultural competency! This is severely lacking in the land of “how to create/run a business online.” I don’t know how many times I hear folks say, such n such is “only $70,” or “just a couple hundred bucks.” This is out of the league for Lots of people in our global world. We need to look from the bottom up, not the top down. There are many, many poor, low income, and working class people who deserve the value you offer. Now more of them will get it! Fabulous. To be commended.

    Your podcasts will be red hot and laser-focused.

    Thanks for what you give, how you think, and why you take action. Peace.

    1. So glad to hear that you were inspired by this podcast. Yes, I’m excited about my biology blog. I’m also excited about BAB. I’m just excited about everything. However, I think that focusing on the Bio blog now is better for both. It will be an interesting journey and glad to have you guys along for the ride.

      And yes, even $10 is a lot for many people and there are still ways to get stuff done. I look forward to exploring some of that too.

  32. Dearest Leslie,

    I so much enjoy your blog, and your lively personality.

    I listened to your podcast today, and I think it’s absolutely genius of you to grow your biology blog in order to live out your experience and share it all with us here at Become a Blogger!

    I am really excited not only for our benefit here, but because I can hear in your voice that you are crazy about biology, and passionate about that subject, and I am super thrilled that working on your other blog will be something that you will so much enjoy!! 🙂

    I love your real-ness, and your honesty. Thank you for being so down to earth, yet so positive and helpful!

    May God bless you and guide you every step of the way in which He directs you.

    1. Haha, I like that – I’m “Crazy about biology”. Maybe that should be my tagline.

      Thanks for the feedback, and I’m also looking forward to the journey 🙂

  33. Hello Leslie,
    I’ve been moved by your last episode to be honest. Let me tell you that I started blogging last summer (end of August), and I did so because I was trying to find a way to make some extra money. I’m going through many changes (recently married, a 1 year old baby), and I felt that I needed to give this a try.
    Since I found your website and podcast I’ve learnt so much, and tried to put into practice what I’m learning from you. I’ve still got very little traffic, and just make a few cents here and there with adsense. It sometimes gets very discouraging. Until a month ago I was only getting about 10-15 visitors per day. Now I’ve joined google plus, as you recommended (to be honest I dreaded social networks, and still do to be honest), and I’ve got about 100 visits per day. I’m so happy about it, but it’s true that when I read blogs about people making thousands of dollars, etc, it can be very discouraging. It seems as though I’m wasting my time because I’m not wise enough for blogging, or something.
    I can’t afford to pay for aweber as you recommend, so it’s moving to know that you also care about us who are struggling with money.
    What got me interested in your blog in the first place is that I can tell that you care about us, and that for you it’s not about making money. It’s reassuring to see that you feel that way, and I can very well understand your move to improving the Biology blog, and all the other things you mention in your blog. I know your faith is important to you, as it is for me. And at the end of the day I just want to feel happy about what I’ve done, and feel that God will also feel happy about what I’m doing.
    Sorry for the long comment. To sum up. Thank you so much for what you’re doing, and please don’t stop doing the “Learning with Leslie” podcast. I would miss that terribly.
    All the best

    1. David, congrats on your progress. 100 visits per day is significant progress. Makes me proud.

      Thank you so much for your feedback and for your support. I really do appreciate it. And don’t worry, I don’t plan on stopping Learning With Leslie ANYTIME soon 🙂

  34. Hi Leslie,
    Your passion for helping others and blogging always comes through. But I have to tell I am so excited for you because I could hear your own excitement with such clarity and vitality that I can tell you are super psyched about your upcoming changes and adventures to come. I am also excited that you’ll be sharing all of it with us! Thank you, for your continued work, passion and dedication! Have a blessed week!

  35. Hey Leslie,

    Long time listener! And sadly I think, first time commenter! But I wanted to come on to tell you how much I appreciate your work and podcast, and that I admire your observations about the blogging community, as well as your plans for moving forward and sharing real-life techniques that you will be implementing. Phew, long sentence!

    I just started a blog this past February, a short story publication featuring news-inspired stories, and I just want to let you know that in varying degrees of influence you helped me do what I did, and continue to do. Thanks for the help! Continue staying honest and cool… And best of luck with your biology blog and taking it ^^^ to the next level.

    1. Woohooo, I always have to do a quick rejoice when a long time listener makes their first comment. Yayyyyyy!

      Thanks for leaving that comment, even with the long sentence. I’m so glad to hear that you started your blog. That’s a step in the right direction. Keep me updated on your progress. Woohoooo!

  36. Leslie,

    This was a refreshing podcast! Thanks for coming down to earth and sharing what I’ve kind of noticed too as I get more involved in the blogging community. I think you (we) experience seeing what happens to some people who feel the need to have a sense of importance. That’s why I really love connecting with those who just like connecting and sharing goodness with people. I’ve been happy with those I’ve connected with so far such as you. As usual, thank you for being you and for being so helpful even when you are so busy.