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A Video Marketing Tip For People Who Suck At Video – Quickie Tip #9

By Leslie Samuel

Transcript of This Video

Some people like to be able to read a transcript while watching the videos, or just read the transcript without even listening. If you are one of those people, not to worry – We’ve made the transcript available for you below.

Oh, I'm on video. Wow, this is cool. How do I look? I look okay? I like to thank my mommy, and my daddy and all my friends in school. Yeah…

Hey, this is Leslie Samuel from I want to give you a quickie tip for today. Today's tip is all about video.

A lot of people ask me, “How do you get good making online video?” I want to give you one quick tip that's going to help you to do it and to do it well.

That quick tip is this.

Do it over and over and over and over and over.

When I first started making videos online, I would spend an hour trying to record a five-minute video because I'm making mistakes. I'm stumbling over my words and I don't feel comfortable with what I'm saying. I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing and all these types of things.

Now, for a five-minute video, it takes me five minutes. Why? Because I practice. I did it over and over and I put it out there even though it wasn't the best. I didn't care.

You know why? Because I knew that by doing it over and over and over and over and over and over, I would get better. So, if you are thinking about using online video which you should be thinking about it because it's very powerful, and you think that you're not the best at it, that is absolutely not a problem.

Everyone that did video, or most people that got into online video were not good at it when they first started. But, the more they practiced, the more they got out there and put their videos up there, on YouTube and embedded them on their blogs, and shared it with the world, the more they got used to doing it.

So, once again, quick tip for today, if you want to get good at video, at online video, just keep doing it over and over and just put it out there. That's my quickie tip — really simple, really sweet, and quick.

This is Leslie Samuel from Until next time, take care and God bless.

  • I still have about 30 video clips that will never make you tube. That is because they are my test video’s over and over,trying to get it right. I think you will always have Butterflies in your gut before and during making a video. Foe some the idea of being seen on a video just about kills them but others they take to it just like that.

    • Great point Edwin, which is why I recommend for you to just put them out there. The 30 videos aren’t doing any good just sitting on your computer. If you look back at some of my earlier videos, or listen to one of my podcasts, you will see exactly how I’ve learnt over time. Experience is the best teacher 🙂

  • I keep getting this message from various sources…guess I better pay attention!I have done videos with slides and pictures no live action but now its time for me to put them out there.

  • I think everything needs practice to become an expert at it, and blogging is no different. To be frank I was expecting some more tips to create a attractive video. Anyway Thanks!!

  • Hello Leslie,
    Love the Blog, i was somewhat shaking my first video, and still have not got the confidence to speak during the videos, just like you say i know doing it over and over will just make it easier, but have you got any tips on how to make professional videos with screen capture programs? (Not recording it with an actual camera, like you do with your videos)
    I found you through Pats blog, as i mainly follow you two, your guidance has been great, please consider my blog( a product of your teachings, as everything i have learn’t from you and Pat, mirrors on my blog.
    Thanks again!

    • Hi there, sorry for taking so long to respond. Your comment was flagged as spam so I just saw it. It’s probably because you put your name as a URL instead of an actual name. I would recommend for you to use a name in the future so that it doesn’t get flagged.
      To answer your question, my biggest tips would be:
      1. Keep it simple
      2. Use lots of pictures
      3. Don’t put too many words on the screen
      4. Infuse your personality into what you’re saying
      5. Have fun
      And of course, the tip that I mentioned in this video is still VERY applicable. Practice makes perfect, so the more you do it, the better you’ll get 🙂
      Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for the trust you’ve placed in me, and also Pat. He’s a great guy!

    • @DominicSicotte Great question. My answer that it depends on how much I invest into it. For my biology blog, I spend most of my time on Video and that has brought a tremendous return. For this blog, I’ve spent more on audio, and that has brought the biggest return. So, it depends on what you put into it and what your audience prefers.

    • @Leslie Samuel So if you had to start a new site from scratch you would go with the “3 min video clips and the 30 minute podcasts”.  You wouldn’t go for only one of them?

    • @DominicSicotte Actually, I would choose one depending on my audience and goals. For biology (for example), I don’t think an audio podcast would be as effective for teaching, so I went with video. For here, I think audio podcasts work very well. So once again, it depends on your goals, and also on what you’re most comfortable with. I’d choose one and try to DOMINATE it.

  • I still love watching a video instead of reading a blog post.  Still, a transcript is awesome in making reviews especially if the video is instructional or has a lot of unfamiliar words in it.

    • @lbtriggerman Great points. Not only that, but a transcript also helps for SEO, which then drives more traffic to your site. So even when I do video, I try to include a transcript.

  • You have an amazing blog here.  Its an inspiration to me.  I look forward to your presentation.
    Have a blessed day.

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