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Get away from the computer! No, seriously. Are you still at the computer? Are you… are you still watching this video? Get… I'm serious.

Hey, this is Leslie Samuel from and this is another quickie tip with Leslie. I'm excited that you're here watching even though I just told you to get away from the computer. You're still here. Why are you still here? That's a different topic.

I want to give you a quickie tip.

A lot of people are getting into Internet Marketing — blogging, trying to build an online business and all these types of things. They do it because of their families. They want to provide for their families. They want to get some extra income so that, they take care of bills; so that they can feed their families; so that they can do things with their families, take them on nice trips and all that kind of stuff but, a lot of times, what ends up happening is we get so attached to our computers that we forget about our families.

We don't want that to be the case. So, my quickie tip for you today, get away from the computer. No, seriously. You're still here. Why are you not listening to me? Go and spend… Yes, okay… This was a little awkward.

That's my quickie tip. Seriously, get away from the computer regularly and spend time with your family.

That's all for this video. This is Leslie Samuel from Until next time, take care and God bless!

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Leslie Samuel is the creator of Become A Blogger, the Learning With Leslie podcast, and the creator of Interactive Biology. Follow him on twitter @LeslieSamuel.

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