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A Powerful Way to Increase Engagement – Quickie Tip #4

By Leslie Samuel

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Hey, this is Leslie Samuel from and I have another quickie tip for you today.

You know, a lot of people talk about building blogs. I'm going to talk about that because this is A lot of people tend to think if I build a blog and I put great content out there, it's automatically going to bring a lot of people. That does happen from time to time but, for most people, that's not going to be the case.

If you've been blogging for a while, you might have experienced this where you're putting great content out there but, no one is coming or only a few people are coming.

What's Missing?

One element missing… Well, there are a number of elements that may be missing but, I want to tell you about one element that can really make a huge difference as you build your blog.

People come to blogs not just because there are great content. People come to blogs because they really feel as if they can connect with the individual that's writing on the blog especially if your blog is a blog that, it's one person writing to it and you're giving valuable content, they come because they connect with the individual. If the content is great, that is even better.

So, this is my recommendation for you. As you build your blog, I want you to think in terms of connections. How can you connect with your audience? I'm not just talking about getting people to sign up on your list. I'm talking about making connections with them.

When they leave comments on your blog, you respond to them. You go out there and you find other bloggers in your niche and you connect with them. You send them emails. You interact with them on social media and so on. You want them to know that you are a real person and you can do that by all these little things that can help you to connect.

This blogging thing really and truly is all about people connecting with each other. It's all about adding value but, the value is added in those connections. I'm saying that word “connect” a whole lot because I wanted to drill into your head that it's not just about content. It's about connections.

So, ask yourself this one question, “What can you do to connect with your audience?” And then, once you've answered that question, go ahead and do it whether it's directly on your blog or on social media or in person at live events, whatever the case might be, you want to connect with people, one at a time. Connect with this person, connect with that person, you connect with that person.

If you connect with ten people everyday or every week or something of that sort, it's going to continue to grow and grow until you have your tribe of followers and people that are really connected with you. If they are really connected with you, they are more likely to stick around and recommend what you have to their friend.

So, really simple concept but I really want you to get that in your mind. As you build your blog, it's all about connections.

That's my quickie tip for today. I want you to answer this question, “How are you connecting with you audience?” Go ahead and let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your answer to that question.

This is Leslie Samuel from Until next time, take care and God bless!

  1. I have an email list of all the members of a fishing club I belong to. I have begun sending each one an invitation for Fishing Critique by visiting my new blog. I intend to garner ideas for content pertaining to what they would like interact with. Some of these folks I am face to face familiar with, but most of them I am not. I attempt to have meaningful conversations with different members at each monthly meeting, but time is always too short. My intent is for the blog to be my personal connection with them.

    1. @MJAze That’s a great way to get going MJAze. Personal connections are the way to go, and that’s very easy to do in the beginning. Build your audience one person at a time. Awesome stuff!

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