Who: Rick Calvert – CEO and Co-Founder of Blog World and New Media Expo
Event: New Media Expo
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I've been blogging since September of 2008, which is a little over four years now. For most of that journey, it has been me, in my office (or any other part of the house – or world). It's one of the things I REALLY love about blogging.

Then, something happened – I attended a live event. I was able to connect with people on a whole different level. It was where online and offline came together and had beautiful offspring 🙂

Well, in June of this year, I had the opportunity to attend Blog World and New Media Expo in New York city, and also take part in a panel discussion on how to Podcast your way to your Dream Job. Ahh mannn, it was sooo awesome.

Why? There are So many reasons. However, the BEST part was that I was able to meet some AWESOME like-minded individuals – People I had known from online, AND new friends who I know now.

Honestly, when I think about Blogworld, as awesome as the event was, I think mostly about individuals like Chris Deals from Day Job Knockout, Crystal Collins from The Thrifty Mama, Dan Morris from Letters From Dan.

I think about our trip into town looking for a place to hang out. I think about an weird and TWISTED moment we had going to a certain place that will remained nameless and hopefully never see the light of day again, lol (inside joke).

I think of the fact that I believe that I've gotten lifelong friends who I've been able to make REALLY deep connections with that would've NEVER happened if I didn't get out of the internet box and ventured out into new territories.

These are a fraction of all the memories, and awesome people I've been able to connect with. Why? Because Rick Calvert and his team decided to put this great even together.

So, I decided to grab Rick on the line to talk about the history of Blog World and New Media Expo, where it is now and where it's heading in the future.

Inside This Episode:

Rick talks about:

  • Where he was before starting Blog World and New Media Expo
  • Why he decided to start the conference
  • How they managed to get 1,600 attendees to the first conference
  • How they got Mark Cuban to speak at their very first event
  • What's the best part about coming to New Media Expo
  • How they choose their speakers
  • Advice for New Bloggers
  • What to expect from New Media Expo in the future
Lots of value in this interview, and if you're interested in taking your blog to the next level, I'd highly recommend for you to listen to this interview. This has to do with the history of our industry and offers value from an insider's perspective.
Lastly, if you're interested in coming to New Media Expo, you can Sign Up Here. Btw, a few of you have already signed up via my link. If you're planning on being there, send me a message so I can know and connect with you there.

Resources Mentioned:

  • New Media Expo – Where to find information about NMX 2013 and where to buy tickets using my affiliate link.
  • Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX) – Newest conference added to the NMX business.

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