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093 Traffic Generation Strategies to Accelerate Your Blog Growth – With Kim Roach

By Leslie Samuel

Who: Kim Roach
Blog: Buzz Blogger
Transcript: Click Here To Download.

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It's one of the TOP questions I get asked – “Leslie, can you show me how to get MORE TRAFFIC to my blog?”

The question makes sense. I mean – if you're going to spend your time building your blog, if you hope to be able to influence others, if you're trying to make a difference in the world, or if you're just doing it to make money, you're gonna need to have people actually visit your site. Right?

OF COURSE! Well, for that very reason, I'm so glad to have my new friend Kim Roach, from Buzz Blogger on this interview today, because she knows traffic.

She has written extensively on the topic from first hand experience, and has lots of experience helping others achieve the same.

So in this interview, Kim talks about the following:

  • How she started a website in High School that got 50,000 visitors per month and made $1,000 per month.
  • How she learned the importance of a subscriber list
  • What her Absolute BEST strategy is for driving HIGH QUALITY, targeted traffic to her blog is
  • The importance of Epic Content
  • How to Promote your content once you've created it
  • How to start a Blogging alliance that will promote your content for you
  • Why she doesn't pay attention to Google anymore

She then goes on to talk about a bunch of traffic strategies, some things I've never thought of doing, but make sense. She also included a list of resources that we can use to drive more traffic to our blogs.

So, if you're the person who wants to get more traffic (and who doesn't want that), make sure to listen in. I'm sure you'll find at least 1 strategy that can help you take your traffic to the next level.


Resources Mentioned:

  1. @SheilaAtwood Hi Sheila. Thanks a bunch for sharing the interview. I really do appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Hats off Kim. I should say Kim Roach is the queen of traffic hence I know her for the past 2 years and it’s give me extreme proud and pleasure to mention that since I got to know her, I’ve learnt a lot from her especially about traffic, personality marketing strategies. The podcast is simply superb with lots of golden nuggets. You rock Kim.

    1. @sajanelanthoor That’s awesome to hear. Yep, she sure does know her stuff. It was awesome to be able to chat with her on the show. Thanks for the comment 🙂

    2. @sajanelanthoor Thanks Sajan! I just went to check out your blog. LOVE the design 🙂 Reading through some of the articles now and it looks like you’ve got some great content! Bookmarking this one to come back more often 🙂 Kudos to you!!

  3. When Kim Roach speaks, you better listen to it!
    Because she only delivers pure gold and nothing else…
    I have been a big fan of Kim’s since quite a long time now. I just love her stuff….
    She is one of the most honest, genuine and brilliant internet marketers in here….
    Thanks a lot for this podcast Leslie! Loved it….
    Keep sharing more of these awesomeness..  😉

  4. Kim is one of a very small number of people who’s opinion really counts, when she speaks or posts the content is valuable and if acted on will help your business
    As always Kim thanks for sharing   Tony

    1. @Tony Clingan Thanks Tony!! My day is ROCKIN reading all of these amazing comments 🙂  Soooo glad you got some good value from this.

  5. Hi Kim Its Nice To see someone with such grate info. I never used a forum, It sounds like I need to learn more.

  6. Thanks so much [email protected] KimRoach always provides a ton of value and interesting items. She’s a really thoughtful person too. Your readers should check out. Nice to have discovered your outpost

  7. What an ABUNDANCE of information from Kim! Hard to know where to start. One of the big points I took from that is the importance of forum building. I have tried that here and there, but I guess I just need to make it a point to really stick with it and make my presence known in a few different forums. I do worry though – many of the forums do not allow you to post links back to a website, even in your signature. Do you suggest just avoiding those forums and finding ones in our niches that will allow links?on top of the idea of contributing to forums, I was impressed with how many links she gave out as resources for marketing. I’ve come so accustomed to marketing with simple links to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest each time I post. Great ideas for actually getting my content OUT there!
    Thanks Leslie for another great podcast. I’m lovin’ what you’re doing here for us!

    1. @happyfoodholly Hi Holly. I would personally definitely recommend only using forums that allow you to link back to your site SOMEWHERE. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to drive traffic back to your site.
      And yes, she did give a wealth of resources. My recommendation would be to pick one or two, test them out, see how it goes, and progress from there. That way, you don’t get overwhelmed.
      Glad you’re still enjoying what’s happening at BAB 🙂

    2. @happyfoodholly I just wanted to second what Leslie said. You definitely only want to interact in forums that allow a signature file with a link back to your website. Preferably a link back to your squeeze page.

  8. Kim Roach always over-delivers. I’ve learnt so many things from her… 
    Unlike many other traffic experts, she teaches “what’s working now” methods.
    I am a big fan and very grateful for everything she’s taught me.
    Thank you so much for this podcast Leslie!

  9. When I stared Apparent Lifestyle, we were truly novice about the blogging world.
    As like any other interested blogger, I had to search for information and teach myself all about it too.
    I landed on @CindiHoutz, who had affiliate partnership with Kim Roach.
    I did purchase amazing traffic strategies that she had at a very ironical price of $39. I took time to study the whole package, even went ahead and emulated her strategy by purchasing Optimize Press. (we later dropped with change in core interest).
    Long story short, we currently have great ratings, traffic and as they say, it is going for us. Anytime, I recommend anyone interested to join the blogosphere to borrow insights from Kim Roach. We still have not used all the strategies in the program but, check out the little we have used and what it has done so far.
    Kim Roach, Thumbs Up and Cheers.

    1. @Apparent Lifestyle  I’m completely humbled by your comments 🙂 Thank you sooooo much for your kind words. You’ve totally made my day 🙂

    2. @KimRoach We are very much in appreciation for you guidance, we might have made your day but you made us authority bloggers. Wonderful saying so on . You know, for the inspiration those wanting to be bloggers need. Leslie, thank you for the opportunity.

  10. Thanks for the great interview and SEO tips. Thanks Kim for your willingness to share your tips. I am checking out your site now. I look forward to implementing these tips on my site. Again Leslie, thanks for the great content!

    1. @estevanmontoya So glad to hear that you got value from it Estevan. You should definitely check out Kim’s site because she obviously knows her stuff!

  11. Blogger’s ! Listen up! Stop looking for the next “shiny object” to get your blog on the map. Follow Kim Roaches advice. That’s it! Do it Now!

  12. Leslie,
    That was the most useful podcast I have heard yet. I have been listening to multiple podcasts since the beginning of this year. Most of what I listen to is web development and blogging. This podcast is the missing link, exactly what we all needed. This podcast was so useful I actually wrote an article about podcasting and how much it has helped me. I listed your podcast and many others that I use for inspiration.  Please keep up the great work.
    Wow, this podcast was ridiculous,,,,,,, ly AWESOME…. I think you should start your own podcast, and when you do please let me know. I just became one of your subscribers. “Why should I start a podcast” you say? Because your correct(I read some or your blog) you offer content that none of the gurus offer(and you have a voice for radio). You are the missing link; you actually tell us exactly what to do step by step to get the traffic we need. A great looking blog or site is worthless without the traffic to it. Thank you soo much for providing the incredible content that you have obviously spent soo much time to produce. I am looking forward to reading more of your great articles.
    Sorry so windy everyone, buts it’s like I found the golden nugget I’ve been searching for.

  13. I love it! 
    Kim, I am on your list now. I am looking forward to continue getting valuable advice from you. 
    Thanks so much Leslie

  14. That is one excellent podcast – one of the better ones, Ive heard on this particular topic. I have already put several of those tips into use. I will be sure to stick around for more 🙂

  15. 50,000 visitors a month!  That is impressive.  If there is a reason I would blog is to drive traffic and get new subscribers.  Your methods are unique and awesome.  That’s for letting me post here.

    1. @Shaun Kwong Impressive indeed. 50,000 visitors is awesome. And yes, blogging can help you do just that. I actually just reached 50,000 visitors in October for the first time at my Biology Blog. It’s awesome stuff.

  16. This is exactly what I was after. Traffic is my number one priority at the moment, and I’ve got loads of free ebooks babbling on about how to generate traffic but I needed something more clear and precise. I found that here.

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