A 7 Step Plan That Will Change Your Day RIGHT NOW!

By Leslie Samuel

I've been writing to this blog since September of 2008 and this is my FIRST post on a Saturday.

The reason is quite simple – I'm a Seventh Day Adventist Christian and Saturday is my Sabbath – my day of REST! – YAY. Ok wait . . . don't leave, LOL. It'll be worth it. I promise 😉

Well, this morning I woke up at 5am, did my morning duties and then went on Youtube. Well, I found a video that REALLY spoke to me this morning and I had to share it with you.

This picture gives a little bit of a hint as to what it's about.

Ok, so here's the real deal – Over the last few weeks, I've been getting A TON of email. Literally, HUNDREDS of emails. However, there are a few that REALLY stand out! I've gotten messages from people ALL OVER THE WORLD who are really struggling – financially, relationally, emotionally, and otherwise.

This morning, after watching this video, I thought of you and just HAD TO share this. Why? It really lifted my spirits and I think it can lift yours too. BUT, I have some VERY SPECIFIC instructions that you HAVE TO follow in order to experience Maximum Success.

7 Steps To Achieving Maximum Success

  • Step 1: Pres Play
  • Step 2: IMMEDIATELY change the view to FULL SCREEN
  • Step 3: Turn up The Volume to a Good Level (but one that won't disturb your neighbors)
  • Step 4: Nod your head to the beat
  • Step 5: Smile (this should happen naturally, but I included it just in case)
  • Step 6: Leave a Comment letting me know what you felt
  • Step 7: Share this with someone else who needs to feel that same thing 🙂
Are you ready? Then Let's Go . . .
  • I like it.I brings a smile to my face. Do not be afraid to post on Saturday.  It is all good and the Saturday people like it as well. Have a nice weekend.

    • @AlainGuillot Glad to bring a smile to your face Alain. And don’t worry, I’m not afraid to post on Saturday. I just love my weekly Rest. It’s Good stuff 🙂

  • Thanks Leslie! It’s just wanted I needed today!
    It’s rainy here in Iowa this morning and I was having some self doubts about if I had what it takes to take my sites to the next level.
    But now I’m smiling. So I KNOW I can do this!
    Thanks a million!

  • Thank you Leslie. I was having a kinda off morning, so this is just what I needed to kick my butt into gear and brighten my mood. I am off to share this with my friends as well. You are uplifting in so many ways, and I am truly thankful that you’re a presence in my life (even if it’s just an online presence).
    Keep on doing what you’re doing – YOU ROCK!

  • Absolutely perfect timing. I checked your email before composing an email to a special person who is definitely not smiling. I had struggled with choosing the right words to help and not inflame a tricky situation. Dumped the words, sent the clip. Who knows, but at least I am smiling.
    Thank you once more for being on soul purpose.

    • @Graham Forbes That’s awesome to hear Graham. I love when things like that happen. I hope the person is encouraged when they watch the video. Blessings! 🙂

  • I love the faces… sometimes it is so hard to smile with such worries on our minds. This video made me happy.. and smile. I think I’ll send it to my teacher friends, we need it right now!
    thank you

  • I love this song! As a matter of fact, the whole CD is uplifting! I get crazy looks because I’ve got it cranked up in my car and I’m dancing! My daughter calls it “getting my Jesus on” and yes I do – EVERYDAY!! Thanks for letting me comment!

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