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090 The One Question EVERY Blogger Should Answer

By Leslie Samuel

I can't tell you how many times I've had someone ask me something like this:

Hey Leslie, I've been blogging for (INSERT TIME PERIOD HERE) and I still can't manage to get any traffic, build my list, and make sales. Should I give up? What should I do? I CAN'T TAKE THIS! AAAAAHHHHHHH (added for emphasis)

Well, for the person who has those questions, LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE.

Listen to This Episode

In this episode, I talk about the one question EVERY blogger should answer. This will help you really take your blogging to the next level, and until you can answer this question, your blog will continue to be mediocre.

It's a simple question that goes like this – “What Makes Your Blog Different?”

Ok, I know what you're thinking – “Oh, that's it? I don't need to listen to the episode then, because I got the gist.”

Oh no grasshopper, you really want to listen, because I break it down in a way that makes it easy for you to answer that question and then take the right kind of action.

In addition to that awesome content, I also make the following announcements:

  • Become A Blogger Premium is relaunched, and will be open indefinitely.
  • I've reorganized the navigation of the blog. Check out the menu above.
  • I will be speaking at New Media Expo in Las Vegas, NV in January. Come and meet me. I'd love to connect with you.

I also answer 3 questions that were called into the hotline:

  • Carey Green from Christian Home And Family – What's more important, getting your keywords in your title or having a catchy title?
  • Jason from Application Talk – Since I recommend NOT using link building software, what do I think about the enhanced distribution feature of Jetpack?
  • John from Ask John English – 1. How did my Health Challenge go? 2. What other expenses, legal ramification, etc do bloggers encounter?

That's pretty much it. Oh wait, one more thing. Your Homework:

Today's Homework

Answer the following question below in the comments – What makes YOUR blog DIFFERENT? See ya in the comments.


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  1. Thank you Leslie for such a great podcast. From what I’ve found, the eating disorder/food issues & personal development blogs don’t seem to have many videos. Yes, I have done a few videos, but I think I need to make it more of a regular thing, possibly weekly. It is difficult to find the time to record videos when there are family obligations and only so many hours in the day, but maybe if i work on my batch processing and knock out a month or so worth of videos, this could be do-able.
    Thanks Leslie!

    1.  @happyfoodholly You are very much welcome Holly. That sounds like a great plan. That’s EXACTLY what I do for recording my videos. If I don’t do them in batches, they would NEVER get done, especially with my full time job and everything else I’m doing. You should definitely make that happen!

  2. Thanks so much Leslie for all your support and information.  I’m super new to the blogging world and am really enjoying using my career expertise in a new and exciting way.  The information that you consistently put out there has made the learning curve a little easier.  In answer to your “homework” question, I aim to provide a more practical, experienced based approach to my blog.  There are many party and event blogs out there but none that offer information, tips, tricks, inspiration and most importantly, video, from an actual event professional (which I am, or was).  I hope to push forward more aggressively with video content (okay, I only have one video so far so I must get that going!) in order to set myself apart from the numerous wedding, party and event blogs that are rich with image content that, visually, are fantastic, but I feel are lacking a bit on the “I can actual do this myself” side. I will continue to follow you, Gideon and Yaro as I build and grow my blog and I thank you for putting all this information out there.  You’re awesome. 

    1.  @Trix and Trumpet Allyson, that sounds AWESOME. Sounds like you’ve identified exactly what is missing, so now you can take action and make it happen. Takes a lot of work (trust me, I know), but it’s so worth it, especially if you are offering something unique, which it sounds like you are.
      Keep me updated on your progress!

  3. Hi Les,
    First of all I like your picture you changing the world. Something which is in you for sure.
    My blog, what would be different from other blogs? Good question! Let’s see. I think the way I organize my material on my posts (layout) is different. Then of course my personal stories about my successes and failures as a musician/composer/arranger (thanks to you, Les). I also try to use a more personal approach in my posts, however that’s quite difficult sometimes. It depends on the topic too I think. Then for instance in my music theory posts where I talk about the different keys of popular songs. I mean there are enough other blogs which talk about keys and scales, but I haven’t seen one yet which is explaining this through the use of pop and rock songs. Then I also use genuine song examples composed by self when explaining different musical techniques instead of copying existing material. This gives me confidence that I’m on top of what I teach. So, yes, I hope my blog is at least slightly different from other ones. Talk to you later, Hans

    1.  @Hans Hansen Ooo, that definitely sounds interesting Hans. Glad to see that you can answer the question and that you do come at it from a unique angle. That’s essential. I especially like the use of pop and rock songs idea. That’s pretty cool.
      Glad you like the Changing the world picture. I figured that would put a more personal touch to what I’m doing 😉

  4. Hi Leslie.
    This is one of the Podcasts that I have really enjoyed.
    I am restudying the video classes I took with Gideon Shalwick and have joined his Blog so that I improve my Video.
    I will soon have video on my site and hope my traffic will grow.
    I have looked at other nurse sights and I still feel mine is great comparatively, but not very different.
    Thanks for the great tips.

    1.  @JoyceF Video is definitely a good way to get your stuff out there. You should definitely get into that. And always remember to let your personality shine through in your videos. Oh, and have fun with it 😉

  5. Sorry Leslie,
    I forgot to mention my site is;
    Thanks Again.

  6. What makes my blog different?
    I teach lessons in Eletrical Engineering with VIDEO-Tutorials on . My Blog is the only one (in German language) which starts with the basic (school level) and then goes up to the University level.
    Creating an Online course with hundrets of videos is a lot of work (as you might know, Leslie) but gives my site a sort of uniqueness.

  7. What makes my blog different?
    I teach lessons in Eletrical Engineering with VIDEO-Tutorials on . My Blog is the only one (in German language) which starts with the basic (school level) and then goes up to the University level.
    Creating an Online course with hundrets of videos is a lot of work (as you might know, Leslie) but gives my site a sort of uniqueness.

    1.  @WolfgangB That is awesome Wolfgang. I love how you can say that it’s the ONLY one. That is definitely unique. Yep, that is a TON of work, but very much worth it. Keep up the good work.
      p.s. I spent about 6 months in Goettingen, Germany when I was doing my Masters. I love that place.

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