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086 How To Build A Community Around Your Blog

By Leslie Samuel

Blogging is all about community. Wait, you don't think so? What? You haven't been focusing on building community?

Ok, it's time to pause then. Building a community around your blog is an AWESOME thing. Why? I'm glad you ask:

  •  It ads a sense of belonging.
  •  You can get feedback easily if you have a community.
  •  It allows you to have a greater impact on the world.
  •  Your community becomes your biggest advocates.
  •  When you do have a product, it's easier to sell if you already have a loyal community.

And those are only SOME of the many reasons.

Listen to This Episode

In this podcast episode, I give some practical tips for how you can go about building a community around your blog.

This is something I'm actively working on doing right now for Become A Blogger, and I'm starting to see the many benefits of doing so.

Then, I take 3 listener questions:

Michael Griffith (on Facebook) asks what the best platform is for building a community

Holly from Happy Food Healthy Life, Carey from Christian Home and Family, and Vanessa Jeny (on Facebook) asks about how to get people to comment on your blog.

Chris Ducker from asks (on Facebook) about how to go about automating the process so that you can spend time focusing on Content Creation.

Lots of awesome value in the episode, so make sure to listen in, and even take notes:

Today's Homework Assignment:

Do something nice for one person in your audience/community, and come back and tell me about it 🙂


Click Here To Download The Transcript

  1. Homework complete! I made a customized thank you card to send to one of my very loyal readers. Will be dropping it in the mail tomorrow! Do I get an A?

    Leslie, you had a lot of great information on this podcast. I especially liked the idea of asking an EASY question. With my niche, many of my posts can be heavy or deep and it may be a little difficult to come up with an answer to the question without a good amount of thought put into it. I will remember to ask a question that could be answered right then and there.

    And thank you for answering my call to the hotline 🙂 Loving the format where you post the podcast topic the week before. Great idea!

    1. I’m sorry, but you don’t deserve an A. You deserve an A+. That’s just awesome, and unexpected. People don’t expect the owners of the blogs they read to actually send them a thank you card in the mail. That’s crazy stuff. I LOVE IT!

      You are awesome Holly, and I can’t wait to see how your blog will progress over time.

      Glad to hear that you are getting so much value from the podcast. I also think that having the topic in advance makes it even better. I’m enjoying this too much!

  2. Well, I think I’ve completed my assignment. First off, let me say that over the past week, my site has been receiving a few comments following a blog entry that I wrote on this forum that I joined.

    Anyway, the only person that left a link to their blog was this lady. I followed the link after listening to you, and was very impressed. The blog is totally out of my niche. But, it is beautifully done.

    She and her husband are taking a journey across the Southwestern part of the U.S. in an RV. Since traveling is something that I enjoy (reading about it mostly) I commenting on the fine job that I thought she was doing, and how much I wish I was going with them.

    I then subscribed to her blog via email. The point is I think this blog will enrich my life, and it is worth following. I told her so. If she’s like most people, I think my comments will make her fell pretty good. Also found out that her husband and I share a love for aviation.

    If I hadn’t listened to you and journeyed over to her blog, this great feeling that I’m sharing would never have happened.

    Again, Thanks, Leslie


    1. Reginald, that’s so awesome to hear. It’s great that that person is more than a commenter to you now. You know some details about her life and you’re connecting on a different level.

      That’s absolutely the right way to go. Awesome stuff!

  3. Hi Leslie… and thanks for the mention on your show. I just got back from taking my daughter to college, so I just got to hear it yesterday. I’m working to engage my community more by the questions I ask at the end of my posts – and by creating more of an “us” feeling in the way I write. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    1. You are very much welcome. Ahh mann, the daughter has left the nest. That must be a huge transition (I can only imagine).

      Sounds like you are heading in the right direction. I’m trying to do the same thing here at Become A Blogger and I’m seeing how beneficial it is to do so. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hola Leslie!
    I said were were going to be spending time catching up yesterday, and after listening to a few podcasts including this one, It was a nice surprise to hear you answer my question live on the podcast about how to start encouraging comments on my blog posts.
    I wasn’t explecting to hear my name at all, and your advice was a big help too.

    Muchas gracias, even though its a bit overdue and I didnt hear it at the time!
    Off to listen to some more now.

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