How to use Free Greens

By Leslie Samuel

Every so often, networks have Free Green promos. What that means is that you don't have to complete any offers. You can just start referring people (method 2) and cashing out. Usually you have to signup un-referred and submit a support ticket. Sometimes, there are other things that you need to do to get a free green. I remember there was one network that gave Free Greens over the Christmas holidays that gave free greens to anyone that posted a picture of their Christmas tree.

A good way to find Free greens is to keep looking in the subforums at FLR to see what promotions are currently being offered. Free greens are good because they add sites to your portfolio. However, I must give one word of caution. Many times, networks that give free greens are newer sites, that don't have much experience in the Freebie industry. With so many networks being added regularly, many of which fail, getting a free green doesn't necessarily mean you are getting a good site.

Whenever I see a free green, I sign up to get it. However, many of the sites I have, I will never use. IF, and ONLY IF one of the site steps up their game SIGNIFICANTLY in a way that really attracts me to them, I consider using them. However, when you are a successful trader, you will see that you start to become VERY PICKY and CHOOSY as to which sites you work with. I've had networks offer me all kinds of incentives, some of which were beyond what legitimate sites have offered me. However, I have no assurance that the network won't just decide one day to pack up and run. So I don't work with them. You are becoming a valuable trader. Act like it, and don't just take anything because it's there.

So, in short: Free greens are good. Take them, but use them wisely.

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